20 days of – a Warcraft Challenge (Day 1)

Shamelessly borrowed from Ama’s blog, Specced for Drama.

Day 1 –  Favourite Class and Why.

Whilst I’m fond of all the four healing classes, my favourite has to be the Priest. I find myself returning to the class over and over again whilst making alts. Despite already having a Bloodelf Priest, an Undead Priest and a baby  Nightelf Priest, I’m looking forward to Cataclysm and making both a Gnome and Goblin to add to my set.

Why are Priests my favourite class? Well we have the most sparkles which is a definite plus point but it’s our huge toolbox which keeps bringing me back. We literally have a spell for every occasion. Did you know that if you mind vision an enemy rogue or druid before they drop into stealth, mind vision won’t break and you can track them attempting to sneak up on you. Their only options are to either run away or in the case of rogues, blow vanish. They can’t even wait it out because you can simply recast it. If they continue trying to hunt you down, it’s simply a case of waiting until they are in range and dotting them. For some reason, getting the jump on a rogue has to be one of the greatest pleasures in WoW.

Then there is mind control. Not the greatest CC on paper as it knocks you out of action but sometimes you get access to all sorts of interesting goodies. From overpowered NPC heals which can take your tank from low health to full instantly to haste buffs, damage absorbs and damage auras. Of course throwing people off the Lumber Mill with it is pretty sweet too.

Levitate is another reason why I’m so stuck on the Priest class. Jumping off tall buildings and seeing how far you can travel never gets old. Plus back when I played Alliance it saved me so many times whilst raiding Thunder Bluff. Escaping from a hotly pursuing enemy by flipping off the mesa and slowly drifting down to safety is priceless. Also if you’re as clumsy as me, sometimes having it when you fall off tall buildings/edges of cliffs/continents etc is definitely worthwhile.

Then like Red Bull and paladins, we have wings, only ours are better. Whether it’s the delicate gossamer wings of Archangel/Evangelism or the bold, bright golden ones of Guardian Spirit, we have access to the ultimate screenshot accessory.

I’ve tried other classes, I even spent the Burning Crusade raiding as first a Paladin and then a Shaman but my heart has always belonged to my Priest.

As I’m hopelessly nosy, I’d love to read about all your favourite classes and what makes them so special to you.

8 Responses

  1. Awwww, well of course I totally know where you’re coming from on this one 🙂 Although I have limited myself to, err, one priest per lifetime! The other thing I really enjoy is levitate fishing, very relaxing.

    • Yep, I like heading out into the glaciers of the Borean Tundra and parking myself next to an iceberg and fishing. So far no turtle mount though but when I get bored, I take a minute to holy nova down a pack or two of sinister looking penguins.

  2. Wanted to let you know your link has a double http:// so it is not working correctly.

    I think I will get around to doing this as well 🙂

  3. *yoink*

    I like this idea 🙂 Will be writing a post on it this week.

    And while I do love priests…I don’t think they come out as my favourite!

  4. I still have fond feelings for my priest, even though she hasn’t been my main since Karazhan days. She’s still one of the characters I level amongst the first when a new expansion comes, and for Cataclysm I’ve already decided she will be second after my main.

    I’m totally stealing this topic too. I blame not having internet at home and needing something I can do without actually playing WoW 😛

  5. @ Sionel and Saga
    I love stuff like this, especially at time like now when everything is up in the air.

  6. […] got this topic from Erinys, who got it from Ama (topic-stealing ftw!). It looks fun, so I think I might try it! Though I […]

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