New Beginnings and Sad Goodbyes

The end of the world is upon us.

I’m torn between looking forward to a new beginning and mourning the end of a world I’d come to know and love so well. On the negative side, no more Holy Word: Aspire. I will miss you. You were one of the best things about the whole chakra system.

On the plus side though, finally my Hunter can tame this little fellow.

I’ve wanted one of these as a pet ever since I first started playing. My warlock used to use enslave demon on them as I quested through the Plaguelands but now one of the first things I’ll do when the servers come up, is go and grab one.

In the minus camp, the changes of the zones I’ve come to know so well. No more Southshore, no more desolate Desolace and a devastated Auberdine.

The other side of the coin of course is so many new places to explore and new quests to find. Perhaps the biggest draw of WoW originally was the sheer scope of the world and if the Shattering can recreate even a 10th of that sense of wonder, well then it’s been well worth every penny.

Goodbye Feathermoon Stronghold, can’t say I’ll miss that boat ride. Taking a scenic cruise around the islands is fine once or twice, but every single time….

Farewell Hillsbrad Fields, I hope Stanley is somewhere safe from undead poisons now.

6 Responses

  1. *cries* I’m glad I took some nice screenshots.

  2. I know how you feel. Lovely pics!

    I’ve always wanted Locks to be able to have one of those demon dogs too. I was surprised to see Hunters get them- Not going to complain about that though~ They come in so many neat colors too!

    • Thanks.
      I was surprised too, they look so very demonic so making them beasts seemed a bit odd. Chromaggus is tameable too, so now all I need to do is hit a high enough level to go and grab him.

  3. I miss my “extra Renew” too! =/
    On the bright side, they buffed our single-target spells and finally fixed PoH (i KNEW i wasn’t dreaming!).
    I’ll guess we’ll see how things pan out.

    and I was actually surprised more than once today when encountering all the new hunter pets – a mastiff! oO

    • My hunter got one of those too, I went on a bit of taming spree.

      The single target + poh buff are wonderful. I’m a little concerned that PoH might be either too cheap or just too good but I’m definitely a lot happier with Priests now than I was pre patch.

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