Get Ahead, get a Hat

The plan is for my guild to hit 85 as quickly as possible so we can start raiding. Therefore I’ve been considering the various loot options to make gearing up into decent enough gear for the starter raids as fast as possible

As I’m a Holy Priest and intend staying that way, I’ve been focusing on items with spirit on them and this is what I’ve found so far. My search criteria was that an item had to be cloth, rare (because I’m looking for pre raid items) and have spirit on it. Whilst I accept that we might not need spirit on every single item, whilst there are a couple of items per item slot with spirit on them, I’m focusing on them first of all.


Mask of the New Snow, bought with Justice Points versus the Aurelian Mitre which is a drop from Lady Naz’jar, a boss in Throne of Tides on heroic.

Item Name Aurelian Mitre Mask of New Snow
Item Level 346 346
Required Level 85 85
Location/Cost of the Item Throne of Tides Heroic, Lady Naz’jar Bought with Justice Points – 2200
Intellect 242 242
Stamina 454 454
Spirit 157 182
Mastery Rating 176
Armour 942 942
Haste Rating 162
Sockets 1 meta, 1 blue 1 meta, 1 blue
Number of Sockets 2 2
Socket Bonus 30 spirit 30 intellect
Net Gains Including the socket bonuses, 176 mastery and 5 spirit 

Without the socket bonus, 176 mastery rating

30 intellect from the socket bonus, 162 haste rating 

Without the socket bonus, 5 spirit, 162 haste rating

When we factor in the socket bonuses, the Aurelian Mitre dips ahead slightly in the Spirit stakes with a grand total of 187, five more that it’s competition. However the Mask of the New Snow is available as soon as we hit 85 without waiting for drops/getting bad luck with RNG, plus of course you get 30 more intellect from your socket bonus.

Therefore my personal choice will be the Mask of the New Snow as it’s easier and more guaranteed to obtain.

Now for your helm enchant, in Cataclysm there is only one caster option available. The arcanum of Hyjal is available at revered reputation from the Guardians of Hjyal. As usual, they have a tabard which can be accessed at Friendly to give reputation whilst dungeoning.

The enchant gives 60 int and 30 crit strike rating which means I’ll end up with the following stats from my head slot.

  • 332 intellect
  • 454 stamina
  • 182 spirit
  • 942 armour
  • 162 haste rating
  • 30 crit strike rating
  • 1 meta socket
  • 1 blue socket

I’m starting to get excited already.

Also whilst it’s completely irrelevant, the Mask of the New Snow has by far the better graphics and given that I’m currently snowed in, a rather appropriate name.


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