20 Days of Warcraft – Day 3

Favourite NPC

I have a couple of favourite NPCs and picking a clear winner proved to be a touch too hard, so you’re getting my top four.

First up, Sergra Darkthorn, Defender of Crossroads, Feminist, Quest Giver and all round awesome Orc. Really she should have been Warchief instead of Garrosh, failing that, they could really do with promoting her. Surely her talents deserve better recognition than standing on that same bit of carpet in a backwater like Crossroads for another five years.

Next, High Commander Halford Wyrmbane <7th Legion>. Dividing his time between the Isle of Conquest and Wintergarde Keep, he is well known for his motivational speeches.

Through the valleys and peaks of Mount Hyjal, across the shifting sands of Silithus, against the Legion’s dread armies – we have fought. We are the nameless, faceless, sons and daughters of the Alliance. By the Light and by the might of the Alliance, the first strike belongs to us and the last strike is all that our enemies see. 

We are 7th Legion.

I have to admit, now that I’m Horde I feel a twinge of guilt every time we win IoC which given the pink boxes is 99 percent of the time these days.

Number 3 is a certain Gnome and her evil twin.

Finally we come to yet another Gnome, this time one lazying away the days on a tropical island.
She seems to serve no real purpose, just hangs out in the sunshine, relaxing.

(Yes, I’m slightly behind in the 20 days of Warcraft challenge, been a bit too preoccupied by Cataclysm preparations).

2 Responses

  1. Somehow I’ve completely missed the gnome stranded on the island. I can’t believe I missed her! She’s so cool with her little eyepatch and everything 😉

    • I found her entirely by accident, but yep, that’s one of the things I love about WoW. All these NPCs hidden around just to add a bit of flavour to the world.

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