Cataclysmic Countdown

Well I’ve got my 25 quests ready to be handed in, enough flasks for 40 hours of gameplay (I may have gone a bit overboard there) and loads of fresh fruit and other such healthy foods to snack on.

With less than 3 hours to go, I’m getting a little nervous. I have my eye on various bits of loot I would like as I progress, I know which reputations I want and the order I intend farming them. Yet at the back of my mind there is this nagging doubt, the best laid plans and all that.

I shall leave you with a picture of a snail, because I can’t help thinking, this is the creature the log-in servers will most resemble come midnight.

Crawling Along

That said, it is a pretty amazing looking snail. I hope at some point, they become either tameable by hunters or vanity pets.


Edit: and it seems as if I was correct, it’s now 12.30 and most of my guild, myself included are still staring at the log in screen.

2 Responses

  1. That would make a cool vanity pet!

    I’m going to do some daily quests to turn in, not too sure what direction I am going to go with yet when it finally hits!

    I’m excited though 😀

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