Never say Never!

Whilst browsing something completely un-WoW related I came across a huge flashy advert pushing Blizzard’s new free to play starter package thingie. It’s currently downloading and installing so that we can see if the game is as “bad” as I remember. This is probably a slippery slope paved with good intentions.

7 Responses

  1. Hello, welcome back 🙂

  2. Then new leveling experience, with arrows that point you to your kill/turn in locations, and the streamlined hubs will make it a little more enjoyable. 20 comes pretty quickly.

    • Looking forward to seeing Westfall. Was always one of my favourite zones and I never got around to doing it post Cataclysm.

  3. 😀

  4. Welcome back! I did that too, I still pop on here and there just because it’s free, hehe.

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