A second set of first impressions

Coming back to WoW after a six month absence, I feel a bit like I did when I returned home from my year abroad. Everything is the same but different. I’m constantly comparing things to the way they used to be, in the “good old days” or perhaps that should be the “bad old days”.

I mean when did DARKshore get so bright?

So far there have been positives and negatives. Finally being able to sort your characters on the log in screen is a definite plus. Having to swap mains half away through an expansion and then having your new main lurking at the bottom of the screen below a bunch of low level pink haired gnomes always annoyed me.

Other mostly positives include mailboxes in starting zones, getting a bunch of flight points straight away so you don’t have to run around getting lost/mauled by bears/falling off boats/ending up on the wrong continent.  However, whilst it’s convenient to existing players levelling alts and perhaps reduces frustration to new players, it does make the world feel a lot smaller. (Yes, I realise that this has been in longer than six months but my brief foray into Cataclysm was spent blindly levelling and gearing my priest so I missed all the fun stuff).

The biggest negative so far, (yes it’s subjective) is that fact that druids can’t shift out of “roots” any more unless they are Resto.  I imagine it was changed due to Capture the Flag rated battlegrounds but it certainly makes fighting Frost Mages painful everywhere else, especially at low levels.

The new placements of graveyards in WSG also came as a bit of a shock. So many games I’ve won in the past with the weaker team just because we kept our flag at the graveyard, relying on the cannon fodder ressing to help us hold it.

Did three low level battlegrounds yesterday though as a low level Resto druid (yes I respecced just so I could shift away from hateful frost mages) and in two of them people said thank you for the healing. More interestingly, no one was yelling, typing in caps or insulting the intelligence of their team members. Although that was probably luck more than a sign that people can now PvP without bursting blood vessels.

My other issue is the linear questing. I realise it’s necessary for phasing but I miss the old feel of being a mercenary type who picked up 15 different random jobs from a quest hub and then wandered around doing bits as and when I came across them or felt like it. That said, some of the quest chains are amazing and still have the capability to make me feel genuinely sad.

So far so good though. I was a bit negative about the whole endeavour when we started out but I’m slowly getting back into the WoW feeling.


2 Responses

  1. Glad to hear the positive outweighed the negative.

    I agree with the flight point thing. At 85, hopefully, one has swift flight and can bypass using the flight masters. Open one up at 85 and the map is mostly flightpoints, with little land in between 😛

    • With my sense of direction, I tend to stick to the flight masters even with epic flying. Too many times before I quit, I ended up being the one who had to be summoned to raids because I’d got lost or distracted flying myself. I’d see something which looked like it would make the perfect screenshot and then spend the next 3 minutes trying to get the lighting just right.

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