A Proper Return

So we’re back as paying customers. Turns out, for me at least, quitting smoking was easier than quitting WoW.

Once the fateful decision to return was made, we had a couple of choices to make.

First up, where did we want to play?

This was a difficult question for several reasons. Most of the people whose company we enjoyed from our old guild, had also decided to move on. Therefore returning to our old server didn’t really have a lot going for it, other than the fact that our only 85s were parked there. However, some of the more recent Druid changes meant that Mr Harpy was less than keen on playing a feral Druid (not being able to shift out of roots unless you’re resto, pff).

Which led us to the BIG question, PvP server or PvE server?

We have played on PvE servers in the past, but tended to prefer PvP servers. Normally we would just have gone PvP without even considering the alternative but the shift in the PvP climate as we’ve moved through expansions has made us more open to the idea of levelling without ganking. These days it seems that people only attack you when you’re aoe grinding, they think they outnumber you or you are a good thirty levels lower than them. When you win, you get whispers like this one Mr Harpy received after we went 2 v 2 with a warlock and a frost mage.

Notice how he logged off extra fast to prevent a response and the smiley at the end is a nice touch. Add to the mix,  flying mounts in Azeroth and PvE seemed the logical choice. Now I can do my dailies without Mr Harpy getting scared some hateful Horde will try and kill me. So we picked a PvE server entirely at random and came up against our next choice, which classes to play.

Now, I’m still a Priest at heart but I’ve been reading things like this and this with an increasing sense of woe. I’m Holy through and through and have never really enjoyed playing either of the other two specs, despite having raided as Disc right through the end of the Ulduar hardmodes to that Coliseum nonsense. So, I gave in to the dark side and rolled Druid number 6. Mr Harpy on the other hand, picked a Paladin and is now having the time of his life running around low level battlegrounds squishing people. I’ve no idea why, but being killed by a Paladin has to be one of the most annoying experiences in WoW.

As I can’t face the Worgen run animations and because shadowmeld is the best thing ever, I’m still a Nightelf.

A decision I was criticised for by the time I hit lv 20. Yes, Worgen racials do offer more for Resto, 1 percent crit is better than running faster whilst dead, nature resistance and  quickness. The Worgen sprint is good too, more so in PvE than PvP though. In PvP, I’ve already got cheetah for running away with the added benefit of being able to clear roots/snares as I go. However, going cat -> shadowmeld -> stealth is priceless, especially when you watch them running around trying to figure out where you went. As is being able to ditch pets and get out of combat fast to drink without having to run five miles away from the action.

All in all, I’m glad we came back. Whilst PvP is still a mix of horrible nail biting frustration combined with moments of awesome bliss it still manages to be mainly fun. Apart from the Strand of the Ancients which has only managed to get worse.


6 Responses

  1. I had just started to follow you and enjoy your blog, when you were forced to take your break. Now that you’re back, I feel I can sort of pick up where we left off!

    Welcome back and thank you for linking one of my posts in this entry. I will certainly have to return the favor sometime.


    • Ty.
      When I was trying to figure out which class to roll, I read a lot of stuff about all 5 healing specs and what you had to say on the subject of Holy Priests really struck a chord. I spent a big chunk of Wrath trying to justify why I should stay Holy on certain fights, even on fights where Holy was fine like Freya Plus 3, Disc was better, at least for my raid group and it rankled a lot.
      I was really hoping that cataclysm would help but it seems that it’s only made things worse.

  2. I’ll admit that while I originally started the game on a PvP server I’m quite enjoying being on a PvE server these days. I enjoy being able to level or do my dailies without some jerk and his three closest friends deciding to use me as a punching ball.

    I get all the PvP I want from Battlegrounds and Arenas. World PvP seems to just be happening when the attacker know they’ll win.

    I’m with you on the Worgen thing.. I am leveling a Worgen “just because” and some of the things really bother me. But since she’s 58 by now I don’t really feel like starting over. I’ll just make sure to keep her in cat form as much as conceivably possible….

    • I’m definitely loving the “hanging” out aspect. Need a drink, no problem, want to tab into windows, fine. No more coming back and finding a corpse.
      That said, whenever I see a Horde I feel a moment’s sadness that I can’t kill them.

  3. ZOMG you are back! good thing you left a comment on my blog last week, or I might have noticed even later! Welcome, welcome back! =)

    I look forward to read your PVP-centric posts again, between you and me (hah…) it’s one reason why I am still thinking about resubbing WoW – getting back into BGs with my priest.


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