Horse Riding Rage

Am I the only person excited about the new Worgen mounts? I’ve wanted this one ever since I first saw them running wild in Grizzly Hills. The black stallion that already exists as a mount has always been my go to human mount as well, so I’m doubly happy that I’ll be able to get a new version without a saddle.

Picture "borrowed" from MMO-Champion

Yes, it’s a horse and no, horses aren’t particularly exciting but the Worgen were human once and I’d rather have a horse as a mount than some random spiky monster creature. Not convinced I would ride one on a Worgen though, the males certainly look too big for them and the females are a bit borderline.

I’ve dug my Gilnean tabard from the bank and am now frantically running dungeons whilst wearing it. Which also has the added benefit of collecting bits and pieces which I may or not use for transmogrification.

The number of threads full of angry people complaining about them has surprised me  a bit, although I can see why people might think that a horse doesn’t quite match up to a goblin trike. However what would have made more sense? Some sort of were-horse with flashing eyes and fangs? But then we’re heading dangerously close to Warlock territory. A giant wolf? But then that’s stepping on Orc toes (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if you’re wearing heavy boots but the complaints would be worse). That were-pig creature that we saw the concept art for? Well I don’t remember seeing any of those running around Gilneas and I’m not sure other than the “were” aspect quite why Worgens would ride pigs. Giant mutant mastiffs? Yes, please but can I still have a cream coloured pony too.

I’m hoping that adding these mounts will then allow Blizzard to produce Goblin and Worgen PvP mounts at some point in the near future and then with the Gilnean War Horse, add some armor and other bits and pieces to make it more exciting whilst still giving us the plain option of these horses.


4 Responses

  1. I don’t have anything against the mounts themselves, because I quite like the horse model. But they just don’t seem to fit the Worgen. Sure, when they were humans, but seeing a Worgen on top of one of those make me feel sorry for the poor horse.

    I’d quite like a horse or two, it’s not that. I just feel they’d have been better added as additional mounts in another faction or another quest type thing like the Winterspring or Horde Raptors, if they needed to equal out the amount of mounts per faction.

    So I don’t have any compaints about the horses themselves (they really look quite good) – but they rather just seem a bit small to be a Worgen mount. (Maybe all they really needed to do was make them extra big horses.. like the big, proper work horses that can pull a ton!)

    • I have to admit I’m not convinced Worgen look good on any mounts.

      Then as Mr Harpy has just pointed out, when they were human, they are portrayed more as Victorian gentlemen in top hats and monocles so Mustangs don’t really suit either. A horse and a carriage would be more appropriate than just a riding horse.

      However as a non-Worgen, I’m happy that they are being added.

  2. It would work better if they were forced out of Worgen form when they mount a horse. Sizing would also be less of an issue.

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