Feeding an Addiction

This is Sproutling and she’s my guilty secret.

She’s also a Priest.

I wanted a Gnome Priest as soon as Blizzard announced their intended inclusion in the game, however race changing Erinys (Elf through and through) or Dornröschen (Forsaken for unlife) just didn’t seem right. Thus Sproutling came to be.

Her name comes from the fact that my Warrior who sported the same hairstyle (called sprouts) was always referred to as “Sproutling” or more commonly “your stupid Sproutling”.

So far she’s been decontaminated (as much as you can decontaminate a gnome), escaped Gnomeregan and made her way to Darkshore via several Arathi Basins and a handful of Warsongs. Low level PvP is best described as hilarious. In WSG one team always ends up camping the other’s graveyard and Arathi bears more resemblance to a mass Lemmings outing than a battleground. No one defends anything, it’s just a massive game of musical chairs with bases swapping every few minutes. The delay being the length of time it takes for people to walk from one to the next. As a Gnome with tiny little legs I’d love an engineering mishap to shrink the two pre-mount AB maps down a size or two. Getting up to the Lumber mill is like climbing Mount Everest (well close enough).

My intention is that she will stay Disc and perhaps I’ll grow to like the spec a bit more outside PvP. After all, a girl can’t have too many Priests now, can she.

2 Responses

  1. Gnome Priests do look pretty cool, but I don’t think I could bring myself to change my night elf either (and I’m out of character slots by now!)

    My GM, who loves gnomes.. wants to pay for me to change my Nelf Priest.. but I refuse!

    Low level PvP definitely is “special”. I tried some as well and it’s just … strange *lol*

    • If and when I transfer Erinys back to the Alliance she’s definitely going back to being a Night Elf. The racials might not be fabulous but I can’t imagine her as anything else.
      The Gnome giggle however is a whole other sort of awesome.

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