Transmogrification picks: Staves

I’ve been thinking about transmogrification quite a bit recently and I noticed as I flicked around fashion blogs that there was very little discussion about weapons.

So in no particular order, here are my favourite staves.

The Staff of Earned Tranquillity/Chillwind Staff.

Unfortunately, the former is only accessible to Worgens and the latter is an Alliance only quest reward. Here you see the Tranquil version modelled by my Worgen Hunter. Basically it’s a skull bound to the staff with vines and roses. Every so often petals drift off, falling behind you. Despite being slightly creepy, it’s got a dreamy feel to it. I imagine it working best for Shadowpriests and Warlocks but any staff user could bring it out for the Gothic look.

Here is the Chillwind model in the mitts of Sproutling, Gnome Priest of Doom.

I can’t help preferring the red roses on the Worgen version but this is better than nothing for those of us who don’t have fur and fangs.

Staff of the Green Circle/Staff of the Verdant Circle/Draenic Wildstaff

The first two are  the lv 20 Druid reward staves from the Shadowfang Keep quest. The latter drops from the Avatar of the Martyred in Heroic Auchenai Crypts. They scream Resto Druid in my opinion, however would suit anyone wanting to bring a bit of flower power to their lives. The staff flowers in two different colours, first a pale blue and then the pink shown here as well as having leaves float off it every so often.

Terestian’s Stranglestaff/Medusoid Staff.

Who wouldn’t want an octopus on a stick? The former drops from Terestian Illhoof, one of Karazhan’s demonic inhabitants and the latter is a quest reward from Vash’jir, which is available to both factions.

I can’t help but think this is one occasion where the sequel is better than the original. I much prefer the vivid blues of the medusoid to the green of the Stranglestaff. Not sure why but for some reason, I always think of this suiting Moonkins.

Staff of Rampant Growth/Conifer Cone Staff/Shadow Wing Focus Staff

The former is no longer available, as the Nature Dragons it used to drop from were removed. However the Conifer Cone staff is a random world BoE green from Wrath of the Lich King.The Shadow Wing Focus staff comes from BWL and is a different colour scheme to the other two, using reds and browns rather than vivid green.

The Staff of Rampant Growth was actually my most expensive ever DKP purchase. Every staff user in my old guild wanted it, mostly so they could wave it about giggling about the name. It suits Druids, especially those planning on wearing tier 1 or perhaps an autumnal outfit.

The evil red version would work well with Mage tier 5 or maybe Warlock tier 6.

Charmed Cierge/Spire of Twilight

Another creepy number  but I rather like the idea of running around with a giant candle stick. The Charmed Cierge drops from WotLK Naxxramas and the Spire of Twilight which is no longer available in-game dropped from the 40 man version.


All three of these can be found in Ulduar and there are slight variations in colour between the different models.


The good old Priest classic for those of us who want to relive the days of  confetti trailing behind us like breadcrumbs for the rogues to follow.

Staff of Siphoned Essences

This comes from Grim Batol and despite being fairly simple, I love the vivid colours and the shell like shape. As a version drops on both normal and heroic it should be fairly easy to obtain as well.

Zhar’doom, Great Staff of the Devourer

This drops from Illidan in the Black Temple and is a must have for the Warlocks amongst us.

The lv 60 PvP staves (Alliance version/Horde version).

I particularly like the Alliance giant Hobby horse version but both are easily obtained and striking.

Edit: Unfortunately Blizzard decided to make the 60 PvP gear an exception, so unless you had rank 8 or higher on the character you want to transmogrify it on, it’s not available. If you did have rank 8 or higher, you need to visit Area 52 in Netherstorm and buy a new version for gold rather than honour points.

Priest on a Stick otherwise known as Staff of Immaculate Recovery.

Dropping as it does from Gurtogg Bloodboil in the Black Temple, this wonderful but somehow creepy staff would work well with Priest tier 5.

So fellow staff users when 4.3 breezes in, will you stick to your current model or will you be tempted by something else?

Personally I’m thinking the Medusoid for Teasel, I quite like the idea of smacking random dpsers in the face with a octopus.  Erinys will probably stick with the Benediction as she likes glitter and my baby gnome Priest will go for the Chillwind.

5 Responses

  1. Nice picks! My top 3 would definitely be Anathema, Immaculate Recovery and the vanilla Grand Marshal staff. If nothing’s changed in terms of farming the old PvP purplez, that one’s actually fairly easy to obtain now. It’s a very sparkly staff! ^^

    Another oldschool staff I always liked was Soulseeker / Hale Magefire; the second blue staff I ever used after the SM one that EVERYONE used. 😛

    • I had a Hale Magefire too, possibly all the way until I got my Benediction. The only weapons that dropped for us in Molten Core were that spell power sword that all the mages and paladins fought over and melee dps stuff.

  2. Good list there! I’m still trying to decide what staves I want to use for my character.

    • I kinda want them all. I keep finding bits and pieces and thinking “ooh must transmog into that”.
      Unfortunately nothing matches.

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