Transmogrification picks – Caster one handers (Part 1: Maces)

For the times when you can’t help but use a one hander plus off-hand combination, here are my favourite maces.


First up, the awesome, glittery, amazing and totally tasteless Hammers of Judgement and Atonement.

Atonement is dropped by Kaz’rogal in Hyjal Summit, he who also drops my all time favourite shield. A shield which would I think go rather nicely with the pink version of this mace (maybe). It would also look good accompanying the paladin tier 5 or the recolour of tier 2 found in the TBC dungeons. Another possibility would be the Hallowed set as you can’t go wrong with purple.

Judgement is a trash drop from Hyjal Summit.

Both of them could potentially accompany the recolour of the Priest/Mage tier 2 as well, assuming that in the case of the Mage “set”, non Mages can transmogrify. I’m hoping there won’t be any restrictions since it’s basically a bunch of cloth items which happen to look like a Mage set rather than a set.

Mallet of the Tides

Dropped by the Lurker Below in Serpentshrine Cavern, I love the curves and lines on this. The colour is a plus too as is the fact that it doesn’t look like a giant hammer.

For the Alliance

An Alliance combo would be the Hand of Righteousness or the Sporeggar Smasher teamed with the lv 60 Alliance PvP offhand (if you reached rank 8 or higher in Classic), which would work great with a Stormwind tabard and a matching title.

Or you could just go for the lv 60 PvP mace and off-hand combination.

You can get this version with a pink lion as well, which given my hair colour would be my personal choice.

Amani Scepter of Rites

Hitting people over the head with snakes, yes please. This drops in ZA from Daakara. Another snake option would be the Venomspitter from LBRS or the Stinging  Viper from Wailing Caverns, although these two only offer one snake rather than two.

Stinger of Ayamiss

Drops off Ayamiss in AQ20 and looks fabulous.

For me, it’s an easy choice, the Stinger of Ayamiss or the Hammer of Atonement.

Then just in case you can transmogrify main hands into one hands and vice versa, here are a couple of my favourite one hands.

Spiky Skulls

If I ever end up as a Shadow Priest, I definitely want one of these, Discipline RodThe Cruel Hand of TimmyHungering Bone CudgelRetro-Spike Club. The easiest to obtain is probably the Cruel Hand as the rest are either world drops or quest rewards and that drops as the name implies from Timmy in Stratholme. Teamed with a body part off-hand, it would look great not only at Hallows End but all year around.

Sin’dall’s FemurOggleflint’s InspirerPetrified Shinbone. These would team up perfectly with a matching offhand (beauty’s bone) for a dual wielding caveman look. You could even throw in the Warbear harness and woolies for a complete look.

The former is a quest reward in STV, the second drops in Ragefire Chasm and the third is a drop in the Deadmines.


3 Responses

  1. Really like Judgement and the Stinger. First one bit like a lollipop, second looks hardcore 😀

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