Transmogrification picks – Caster One-handers (part 2: Daggers)


Voodoo Hexblade

Drops in Zul’Aman and would suit a Troll Priest or Warlock down to the ground.

Illidari-Bane Mageblade

Unfortunately this is a reward from a TBC quest but I love it’s purple crystal look. The whole chain can be found here.

Dagger of Lunar Purity

This is Alliance only but would work well as a part of a Priestess of Elune outfit. You can purchase it from the Argent Tournament for 25 champion seals.

Chilled Heart of the Glacier

After all, you can’t go wrong with skulls, especially these cute little sugar skull look alikes. It drops from the Captain’s chest in normal Halls of Reflection.

This I think is my preferred choice, although given how bright the caster weapon enchants are, you might not be able to see the skulls too well.

Starlight Dagger

There does seem to be a bit of theme with blue daggers. If I were a dagger wielding Frost Mage, I think I’d definitely go for something which looked like this. It can be found on Mennu the Betrayer in Heroic Slave Pens.

Claw of Chromaggus

This looks like a slightly evil back-scratcher, perfect those shadowpriests and warlocks amongst us. Dropped by the same demon doggy it’s named for, it can be found in BWL on Chromaggus.

Lightning Dagger of

I love the fact that this blade looks like it’s dripping in blood, perhaps unrealistic for a caster blade but awesome none the less.

This is a random TBC world drop but there are certainly plenty on my server’s auction house.


3 Responses

  1. I really like the Chilled Dagger that drops in Halls of Reflection. If I were to use a dagger, it would probably be the Perdition’s Blade (Ragnaros in MC) or Dragonfang Blade (from Vael in BWL).

    I was reading the transmogrification rules, and it didn’t say anything about melee DPS daggers not being able to transmog for a caster weapon. BUT in case they don’t allow it, I’m sticking to my Anathema 😛

  2. From reading the PTR forums, it seems you can only transmogrify mainhands into mainhands, one hands into one hands and offhands into offhands. Which means that almost every if not all melee dps weapon is currently out of bounds for casters. Hopefully Blizzard will change that before the patch goes live because there are some fabulous melee weapons out there that I’d love to get my hands on.

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