Suppressing the Pain – the Hallows End edition (part 1b)

The same disclaimers and such apply to this as to part 1 (which can be found here).

Hallows End brings us one or two news tricks to treat ourselves with whilst levelling. Okay, none of this is actually Priest or levelling specific but it’s useful nonetheless.

First up, Ogre masks. Bringing a whole new meaning to fierce, these also give you a nice little stamina buff which stacks with fortitude and with Rumsey Rum. Unfortunately they don’t last after death, but since you buy them in stacks of five, it’s definitely worth it. At lv 20, they provide 150 health to give an indication.


Secondly, magic brooms. You can’t cast them on the move but they are instant cast. Ideal for a quick getaway in a battleground. Gives you a slight head start against anyone on a normal mount. Plus they also look amazing and if your levelling gear should happen to include any pointy witchy hats, well that’s just icing on the pumpkin cupcake. I received mine in my crudely wrapped gift but you can also buy them for 150 tricky treats from the candy and toy vendors.

Thirdly, Bobbing Apples which provide 3 percent of your health and mana over 25 seconds. Drinks really haven’t scaled well, especially in lower level brackets so these are manna from heaven.  Every Inn has a bucket of apples in it, so get dunking. The fact that these also heal you is just an added bonus. They stack in 20s and you can just keep “bobbing” for them. You just need to wait a few seconds between each “bob”.

Edit: Not so sure about these atm, because I couldn’t get them to work at all in Tol Barad. Need to do a spot more testing.

Edit 2: Worked fine in the lv 20-24 battlegrounds, so not sure what was up in Tol Barad.

Finally, the Wickerman buff. Again, it doesn’t last after death but 10 percent increased reputation is especially good in Arathi Basin and WSG if you should be aiming for exalted. The 10 percent experience gain isn’t to be sneezed at either.

Happy Hallows End!


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  1. You can’t eat “regular food ” in tol barad or wintergrasp .only mage food

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