Creepy Crate – Munching it’s way to an Armadillo

Feeding Time in the Deeprun Tram

Possibly because the crate is an extension of our own dark thoughts or merely because it’s a happy to help sort of crate, all the critters that it snacks upon count for both the Critter Kill Squad achievement and the Pest Control achievement.

As we’ve just made a little guild to store alts and to provide access to a guild bank, now when I’m afk, I sit in the Deeprun Tram, next to the instant re-spawning rats and let the always hungry crate overeat his way towards a baby armadillo. He averages a rat every eight or so seconds, so it’s a great place to hang out.

In fact, I suspect hitting exalted with the guild will prove far harder than getting the critters killed.

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