Day of the Dead: A Lament

I love the Day of the Dead. I had the privilege of being in Mexico at this time of year once. Of seeing the marigolds being brought into the city on truck after truck, as well as being heaped at the road side for sale to passing traffic and the shop window displays piled high with sugar skulls. I remember eating tiny little candies shaped like skeletons and buying postcards of La Calavera Catrina. I even carried home a five foot painted pink and white skeleton (telling customs there is a skeleton in your bag – not a good idea btw) which is why I’m still slightly disappointed with the in-game version of this festival.

I’m glad that Blizzard made use of the beautiful new cemetery in Stormwind, it looks suitably poignant in the moonlight, the graves loaded up with tributes to the dead.


But why I can’t I keep my little puppet friend all year around? There is no limitation on my witch’s hat wearing broomstick riding cat nor my jack o’lantern on legs. The Spring bunny isn’t locked up for the rest of the year. Wolpertingers do indeed linger. So why restrict us with the marionette?

I know we’ve just had two weeks of giant pumpkins, a surfeit of candy and plenty of treats but I’d love to see a few more quests added to this holiday. Simple ones where you have to go out and talk to the dead, perhaps run a few basic errands for them. It could be as basic as a ghost asking you to take bread or marigolds to a dead friend or relative buried in some obscure cemeteries dotted around Azeroth. A recipe to make sugar skulls wouldn’t go amiss either.

4 Responses

  1. Ooh is that today 🙂 Forgot that. Little fellow looks good idd.

    Love your new header picture btw 🙂

  2. Aw, I do so wish I could have kept my little buddy for longer! He is one of the coolest pets. Thanks for reminding about DoTD, I almost forgot about it, lol.

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