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Before I was going to bed, I heard someone talk to my husband about some changes in WoW they wish didn’t happen. Like removing some quests, content, class changes. One of the things that popped into my head was “companion deaths”. During the Ragnaros fight in Classic, I heard someone in vent go “Did someone’s cat died?” and sure enough, my Black Tabby companion died. Everyone busted up laughing.

So I thought about some other changes that I would bring back…just for the day? For the week? and Permanently?

suggested by Mia.

Nature Dragons/Kazzak/Doomwalker

First up on my wish list is Outdoor Bosses. I used to love the competition over Kazzak and the Nature Dragons, we had lv 1 spotters hidden all over the place to check on their spawns. It added a degree of excitement to raiding, especially on a PvP server. Would that Horde guild who just arrived a few minutes into your pull, interfere or just sit watching hoping you wiped? Could you beat the other Alliance guild who left AQ 40 at the same time as you to the dragon and pull first? I also have some great PvP memories from these encounters as rival Alliance and Horde guilds joined forces to make sure that their side secured the kill. However if any new encounters like these were added, either the loot off them has to be good enough to keep ensuring that people are interested in competing over them or they have to offer something else as added incentive.


Next up, my Nightelf Priest wants her starshards back. Priests being the only class with differing racial abilities wasn’t the best idea, but I loved my starshards. Raining down chunks of stars on the heads of people foolish enough to attack me was awesome. The night before the patch that removed it as a spell, I spent a good half an hour running around Dun Morogh killing snow leopards and troggs with it. I’d swap Devouring Plague for it any day.

Unlimited resource/same server AVs.

PvP should be personal and going guild versus guild ensures that. The fact that you could go to bed at 3 am, leaving your friends laying siege to Frostwolf and log back on five hours later to discover they had advanced five yards was amazing. I think that there was a lot more desire to win back then, both for the honour of your faction and that of your guild. After raids we used to queue with a good chunk of our raiders and have fun going up against the Horde’s top guilds. Our warriors making beelines for their healers and vice versa. It also led to some hilarious conversations on IRC, poor Mr Harpy got flamed repeatedly for committing some heinous crimes such as ganking someone’s lv 51 rogue in Stonehearth bunker (killing people in a battleground…. what a terrible thing to do!) and ice trapping a warrior and then using the teleport function of the Stormpike insignia.

Removed quest chains

There are two chains which spring to mind that I would love to see returned to Azeroth. The Sprite Darter Hatchling chain and a Test of Faith (see here for a bit more detail about the chains). In general though, I miss the chains which would send you careering half way across Azeroth, visiting new zones. That’s partly why I miss both these two. The first sent you from Feralas to Darnassus, back to Feralas then to the Thousand Needles before ending in the Hinterlands for example. The world felt more larger and more realistic back then.

As for which I’d like to see as permanent and which as only for a short period, definitely starshards and my missing quest chains as permanent please. The other two, well it might be a case of rose tinted spectacles so perhaps they could just be for special events or just for a week or so to spice things up.


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  1. I forgot all about the Starshards! I miss that too! Especially if you had multiple druids doing it at the same time! It was so beautiful! 😦

  2. I can’t even remember starshards… does that make me a bad druid?

    Outdoor bosses yeah! Thanks for reminding me of those 🙂

  3. Oh… and Erinys I copied your Good Old days title too 🙂

  4. I was still too newbie to know what they were when outdoor bosses were relevant, but I think they would have been very awesome.

    Didn’t Blizzard mention that there was going to be outdoor bosses in MoP, though? Or is that just my imagination?

    Wowhead News mentions it here, though;

  5. […] Harpy’s Nest has a few suggestions from the good old days, including same-server AV matches. […]

  6. […] Harpy’s Nest has a few suggestions from the good old days, including same-server AV matches. […]

  7. […] Harpy’s Nest has a few suggestions from the good old days, including same-server AV matches. […]

  8. I don’t think that Shadow Priests would like to trade Devouring Plague for Starshards though…

    • Of course not, but the question wasn’t what would you bring back which is best for the game/class/spec. Call it slightly selfish if you wish but since there is zero chance of it happening…. 😀

      Although they could make it spec specific, that way no one loses out.

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