IntPiPoMo – A few of my Favourite Places

The rules for IntPiPoMo can be found here at Revive & Rejuvenate. These are some of my favourite locations in Azeroth. The ones I find myself drawn to over and over again.


Darkshore at Dusk.


Duskwood in the Dark.


Stormwind Lake, looking towards the cemetery.


Blue flowers carpeting Stranglethorn Vale. When I was a little girl we briefly lived next door to an old wood. Walking through it was the quickest way to school and in the spring, I used to love wandering it’s twisty paths, admiring the bluebells. Not sure I ever forgave my parents for moving me to an fourth floor apartment after that.


The Stormspire.

2 Responses

  1. Nice Stormspire pic!

    • Ty, think my favourite is the darkshore one though. There is just something about that zone which attracts me. I could spend hours running around taking screenshots especially at sunrise/sunset.

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