Holy and Disc Priest Spells in MoP – by spec

Class abilities are shared by all three specs. The other two columns are spec dependent.

Information comes from here.

Updated version of this table can be found here.

Level Class Holy Disc
1 Smite
3 Shadow Word:Pain
5 Power Word: Shield
7 Flash Heal
9 Inner Fire
10 Chastise Penance
18 Resurrection  Holy Fire  Holy Fire
22 Power Word: Fortitude
26  Dispel Magic Renew
28  Heal
30 Spirit of Redemption (passive)
32  Shadow Word: Death  Holy Concentration (passive) Rapture (passive)
34 Levitate  Greater Heal  Greater Heal
36  Lightwell Inner Focus
38  Mind Control
42 Mind Vision
44 Evangelism (passive)
45 Grace (passive)
48  Binding Heal
50  Mysticism (passive)  Circle of Healing
56  Chakra
58 Pain Suppression
64 Shadowfiend
66 Hymn of Hope
68  Prayer of Mending Prayer of Mending
70  Guardian Spirit Power Word: Barrier
74  Revelations (passive)
76 Mind Sear
78  Divine Hymn Train of Thought (passive)
80 Inner Will  Mastery Mastery
84 Leap of Faith

First thoughts

Mana concerns. As we can see from the table, Disc will have rapture, Hymn of Hope (albeit as dubious as ever) and shadowfiend as methods of getting mana back. Holy has Holy Concentration and Shadowfiend. Will the two different methods come close to balancing out?

Complete lack of Shadow dps spells. Both Mind Spike and Mind Blast seem have to vanished completely. I can’t even find them in the Shadow specific section. Not at all happy at this for PvP, I really don’t like having to use my healing school for dps. Fingers crossed that this is an oversight.

Also surprised that Disc loses so many of our current heals: Binding, Heal, Divine Hymn and Renew. Not surprised that Holy keeps Lightwell and Spirit of Redemption though. Time to bring back the cancel aura macro for the times when I’d rather be really dead than slightly dead and spat on.

There are some implications for the new talents too. For example on row three of the talents, one of the options is Archangel which requires either Shadowform or Evangelism meaning, on that row, Holy only has two options. Although based on the description Divine Star > all on that row.

However since both Holy Nova and Prayer of Healing are conspicuous by their absence, hopefully there will be lots more changes between now and Mists going live. I could imagine Prayer of Healing being Holy only and Holy Nova being Disc based on what the developers have been saying.

All in all, roll on the beta please.

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