IntPiPoMo – Landscapes

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Numbers 25 through to 30.

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What to Wear – the Gnome Priest Edition

Dressing a gnome is not an easy task, too much cleavage is a definite no no. The tier sets tend to look as if we’re playing dress up and trousers aren’t too hot either. So after much playing around with Atlas Loot, I’ve come to the conclusion that, post patch 4.3, I shall be PvPing looking something like this:

Helm: Lv 60 PvP one. A bit like the reprogramming device from A Clockwork Orange, it appears to prevent you from blinking as well as adding a bit of a feral yellow hint to the eyeball.

If for whatever reason, it’s not suitable for transmogrification, my second choice would be: Vishas’ Hood which is a quest reward from the Scarlet Monastery Graveyard wing.

Shoulders: Burial Shawl. This can drop off any of the six mini-bosses in Scholomance.

Chest: Coldtouched  Phantom Wraps which drops from Baroness Anastari in Stratholme. I love the detail and the colours on this robe.

Staff: Good old tentacle staff from Karazhan.

IntPiPoMo – Pastoral Idyll

The rules for IntPiPoMo can be found here at Revive & Rejuvenate.


The Good Old Days – A Blog Azeroth Shared Topic

The shared topic over at Blog Azeroth this is week is:

Before I was going to bed, I heard someone talk to my husband about some changes in WoW they wish didn’t happen. Like removing some quests, content, class changes. One of the things that popped into my head was “companion deaths”. During the Ragnaros fight in Classic, I heard someone in vent go “Did someone’s cat died?” and sure enough, my Black Tabby companion died. Everyone busted up laughing.

So I thought about some other changes that I would bring back…just for the day? For the week? and Permanently?

suggested by Mia.

Nature Dragons/Kazzak/Doomwalker

First up on my wish list is Outdoor Bosses. I used to love the competition over Kazzak and the Nature Dragons, we had lv 1 spotters hidden all over the place to check on their spawns. It added a degree of excitement to raiding, especially on a PvP server. Would that Horde guild who just arrived a few minutes into your pull, interfere or just sit watching hoping you wiped? Could you beat the other Alliance guild who left AQ 40 at the same time as you to the dragon and pull first? I also have some great PvP memories from these encounters as rival Alliance and Horde guilds joined forces to make sure that their side secured the kill. However if any new encounters like these were added, either the loot off them has to be good enough to keep ensuring that people are interested in competing over them or they have to offer something else as added incentive.


Next up, my Nightelf Priest wants her starshards back. Priests being the only class with differing racial abilities wasn’t the best idea, but I loved my starshards. Raining down chunks of stars on the heads of people foolish enough to attack me was awesome. The night before the patch that removed it as a spell, I spent a good half an hour running around Dun Morogh killing snow leopards and troggs with it. I’d swap Devouring Plague for it any day.

Unlimited resource/same server AVs.

PvP should be personal and going guild versus guild ensures that. The fact that you could go to bed at 3 am, leaving your friends laying siege to Frostwolf and log back on five hours later to discover they had advanced five yards was amazing. I think that there was a lot more desire to win back then, both for the honour of your faction and that of your guild. After raids we used to queue with a good chunk of our raiders and have fun going up against the Horde’s top guilds. Our warriors making beelines for their healers and vice versa. It also led to some hilarious conversations on IRC, poor Mr Harpy got flamed repeatedly for committing some heinous crimes such as ganking someone’s lv 51 rogue in Stonehearth bunker (killing people in a battleground…. what a terrible thing to do!) and ice trapping a warrior and then using the teleport function of the Stormpike insignia.

Removed quest chains

There are two chains which spring to mind that I would love to see returned to Azeroth. The Sprite Darter Hatchling chain and a Test of Faith (see here for a bit more detail about the chains). In general though, I miss the chains which would send you careering half way across Azeroth, visiting new zones. That’s partly why I miss both these two. The first sent you from Feralas to Darnassus, back to Feralas then to the Thousand Needles before ending in the Hinterlands for example. The world felt more larger and more realistic back then.

As for which I’d like to see as permanent and which as only for a short period, definitely starshards and my missing quest chains as permanent please. The other two, well it might be a case of rose tinted spectacles so perhaps they could just be for special events or just for a week or so to spice things up.


IntPiPoMo – Nostalgia

The rules for IntPiPoMo can be found here at Revive & Rejuvenate.


My Undead Priest nesting up close with her Warrior. Hard to believe that Tauren grew up into this:



One of the plus points of being a Shaman – being able to pick slightly more unusual romantic picnic spots.


My Druid, celebrating in Azshara (before those nasty Goblins ruined it) after her first ever Molten Core run netted her 5 pieces of tier 1.


In Praise of Holy Nova

My heart sank a little when I read this part of the Q & A.

Q: Is the priest spell Holy Nova going to be changed to make it useful in mop, as there is no need to even have it on you action bars as it is atm.

A: We’ve talked about it. Its possible we may make Holy Nova Discipline only and interact with Evangelism in some way.

Yes, in a pure PvE environment, the uses for Holy Nova might be few and far between, but the game is more than that. Across the board, Holy Nova does have useful applications.

  • Destroying pesky snake traps in one spell rotation.
  • Unearthing stealths before they get the jump on you, saving yourself from having to do large quantities of healing.
  • Preventing people tagging nodes in AB, AV, Isle of Conquest and Gilneas.

Part of the reason why I keep coming back to my various Priests, is the fact that our toolbox is overflowing with spells for every occasion. Holy Nova is unique within that, as an albeit weak instant AoE heal which also deals damage. Technically Mind Sear can replicate that list, however it comes with more conditionals. You need ideally a friendly target to cast it on, although an enemy will do in a pinch but quite often if you’re the one trying to stop them tagging, it’s because you’re alone. Not to mention with Holy Nova, whilst you’re spamming it you are basically keeping an extra hot on yourself, one that can “tick” every 1.5 seconds and can’t be dispelled, stolen or purged.

Then of course there is Holy Nova’s rich and varied history to be considered. The spell which carried so many Priests through their Benediction chain deserves better than to be dumped or forgotten. From it’s days as our 31 point talent (when barely anyone took it) to becoming an 11 point talent (it replaced Holy Fire when that became baseline) to finally becoming a Priest ability, I’d hate to see it sidelined even more.

So I’m dedicating this weekend to Holy Nova. Join me, fellow Priests in throwing sparkly confetti in the faces of everything from critters to kobolds, goblins to Garrosh, Arthas to Z’kral and everything in between. If you don’t happen to have a Priest, feel free to suggest things you’d like to see being nova’d in the comments and I’ll try and oblige (need more action shots for IntPiPoMo).

Other thoughts on the Q & A

The Monk healer will also involve a lot of non-targeted healing. Anything can change, but I’d like to say you could heal as a Monk competitively without ever having to target a friendly player.

Mixed thoughts on this one. Part of what I like about healing is the decisions you have to make quickly, who to heal, what spell to use and so on. The idea of basically being a healing stream totem with more oomph that doesn’t have to pick targets seems as if Blizzard are taking the idea of smart heals a bit too far.

Our current plan for Mists is for Intellect to no longer directly increase the size of player mana pools. We intend for our mana-based DPS and Tank classes to be entirely self-reliant regardless of mana pool, so the gameplay impact for those players will be nil. For healers, Spirit will remain as the pure regen stat, and healers after multiple tiers of raid progression will clearly have far more mana at their disposal, but there will be more of an inherent tradeoff between regen and throughput stats. A healer with amazing regen will have amazing regen because of a choice to focus their stats in that direction.

Sounds good on paper. Having some healers chasing spirit whilst others could just stack intellect was never going to work. However my main concern as a Priest is that will we have access to the same quantities of spirit as the other healing classes. Sharing gear with 2 other classes who don’t have any use for spirit will potentially cause the same problems it has through Cataclysm for Priests.

In 5.0 we want dispels to have a cooldown and duration more like Spellsteal but get all buffs or debuffs at once to make them more tactical.

I’m in favour of this too, as a Priest and a Druid, certain classes, shamans in particular are a bit too annoying in mass PvP. Keep your mitts off my hots and shields please. I’m curious whether the same “rules” will apply to defensive dispelling and if so what will happen to spells like Unstable Affliction, after all there is no need for dispel protection if people can only remove your dots every X number of seconds anyway.

So its possible we may get a new model for Lightwell that is “taller” and make it less of an issue to see it and click it.

Not sure turning it into a gigantic fountain of golden light will fix Lightwell’s issues. People either make the effort to click it or they don’t. Sometimes, bigger is not better.

You shouldn’t be killing healers just because you burst them down and keep them interrupted, but because you cause them to have to use mana inefficiently.


So far, I’m fairly happy with their prospective changes.

IntPiPoMo – Killer Views

The rules for IntPiPoMo can be found here at Revive & Rejuvenate.

This is one of my favourite screenshots. My poor little shaman got slaughtered by a spider whilst I was attempting to best position myself for the perfect shot.


The Badlands is one of those places which has grown on me over the years. It’s got an intense and somewhat burning beauty.


I found this ripple so captivating, I jumped straight in. Luckily the water is rather shallow.