Transmogrification – Heirlooms in Disguise, plus post patch wonderings

First thoughts on 4.3.

Transmogrification + heirlooms = fun.

An Identity Crisis

My lv 2 rogue sporting an autumnal palette which matches her hair.

This year, the perfect accessory is an angry octopus!

My lv 14 mage who just needs some acceptable shoulders, shame she can’t have the leafy ones too.

I know the heirlooms are meant to lose their transmogrifications when you mail them (I mailed mine the way I always mail stuff and the transmogrification was still there at the end) and no doubt Blizzard will get around to fixing it at some point but in the meantime…. time to smash some people in the face with a angry octopus. I admit I have mixed feelings about that rule. Eventually my alts could just farm the items themselves, it’s not as if they don’t exist in the game any more so why not let transmogrification work across battlenet accounts.

Still sulking about about not being able to use lv 60 PvP set on any character. “I” as in the person who  plays the game met the requirements on four separate characters but the one I want to use it on, I can’t :(. I was marginally appeased by this blue post:

It’s the player that earned those items, really, not any specific character. If we had a way to make them account-wide right now, we would. We can’t, but account-wide achievements are planned for Mists of Pandaria, and we hope to be able to include Feats of Strength with that system, which would open up these items to all characters on that player’s account.

Then I realised that even if I could equip it on any and all characters, it still doesn’t seem fair that it’s the only armour set with a restriction. I’d rather they had left the titles as a unique piece of the game’s history and let everyone dress up the way they want.

I’d actually forgotten that my very first character, a warlock reached Knight Captain until someone reminded me last night so I ran all the way to Area 52 to have a look.

If Blizzard do get around to allowing us to have more than 10 characters on a server, I’m going to rescue her along with my two other Priests and my vanilla Druid. She’s even still got bits of Forsaken and Troll in her bags from the “good old days” when you could collect body parts for hand-ins in Alterac Valley.

Divine Hymn could be slightly overbuffed as Holy. 40k crits in my PvP gear came as a surprise. Just seems like sticking a plaster cast on a bruise. I’m not denying Holy has issues but not convinced this is the answer. Being a tiny little Gnome and hiding in bushes and watching your battleground team’s health shoot up is pretty priceless though.

The general atmosphere and attitude in random battlegrounds also seems to have improved ten fold, either that I’ve just been exceedingly lucky since the patch. People can talk and not just to say “LOL NOOBS!111! U SUCK!!”, but are announcing before they lose nodes and just generally chatting. Even the few games I lost weren’t particularly painful and no one said “lose fast”. Hopefully this will continue.

Listening to everyone talking about the new raid instance has made me realise I do miss raiding. Unfortunately I’m not in a position to do anything about it right now but hopefully come MoP, I’ll be able to find a guild who really needs someone addicted to Priests.

I’m still working on transmogrification sets for my mains.

Excuse me, your squid is on fire!

Yes, my Rogue wants to be a Druid when she grows up.

Ideally I’ll get her a staff from somewhere so she can have either Benediction or the Staff of Rampant Growth. That’s the Virtuous belt which isn’t a perfect match either.

Hope everyone else’s post patch experiences have been as relaxing and as fun.


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