Updated Holy and Disc spells by Spec: MoP

Class abilities are shared by all three specs. The other two columns are spec dependent.

Information comes from here.

This is the updated version which includes most of the missing abilities from the previous one. Spells with * by their names are new additions.

Level Class Holy Disc
1 Smite
3 Shadow Word:Pain
5 Power Word: Shield
7 Flash Heal
9 Inner Fire
10 Chastise Penance
18 Resurrection  Holy Fire Holy Fire
22 Power Word: Fortitude
26 Dispel Magic Renew
28 Heal Spirit Shell*
30 Spirit of Redemption (passive)
32 Shadow Word: Death Holy Concentration (passive) Rapture (passive)
34 Levitate Greater Heal Greater Heal
36 Lightwell Inner Focus
38 Mind Control
42 Mind Vision
44 Evangelism (passive)
45 Grace (passive)
46 Prayer of Healing Holy Nova
48 Binding Heal
50 Mysticism (passive) Circle of Healing
54 Fear Ward
56 Chakra
58 Pain Suppression
64 Shadowfiend
66 Hymn of Hope
68 Prayer of Mending Prayer of Mending
70 Guardian Spirit Power Word: Barrier
72 Mass Dispel
74 Revelations (passive)
76 Mind Sear
78 Divine Hymn Train of Thought (passive)
80 Inner Will Mastery Mastery
84 Leap of Faith
87 Spectral Guise*

Mind Spike and Mind Blast have both turned up in the spell lists but as Shadow only. Not particularly happy about the PvP implications of that.

Going to be interesting to see how Holy Nova turns out now that it’s Discipline only and is Disc’s version of Prayer of Healing.

As far as I can tell, the only spells still missing are cure disease and shadow protection. However if we’re still going to get some form of disease removal I can see it being baked into the magic one, especially if they’re going to have cooldowns.

Amazed that Mass Dispel is still on the list. Really thought with the prospective changes to dispel mechanics it would have been the first thing out of the door. Glad that it’s staying around though, can’t have paladins and mages thinking they are safe in their pesky bubbles/ice-cubes.

The level 87 spell sounds interesting but possibly from a more PvP perspective than a raiding one, although I’m sure there will be uses for it in both spheres of the game.

Spectral Guise: Your Shadow blurs into the darkness, leaving your true form behind. As a shadow you are invisible, but remain in combat. Lasts 6 seconds or until until your true form is hit by 3 direct attacks. 30 second cool down.

Hopefully you’re a moving shadow, so sneaking off whilst someone is hitting you will be an option. Would be handy for getting a brief respite from bad tanking in 5 mans / LFR. If it does allow movement, Nightelf Priests might be able to have fun with it and Shadowmeld. If it allows you to carry on as normal whilst a shadow, i.e. healing away for those 6 seconds/3 hits, I like the concept a lot.

Spirit Shell, the new Disc ability sounds interesting too.

Creates an absorption shield on the target for 3864 damage lasting 8 sec. If the shield is untouched and expires, the target is healed for 80% of the amount.

Although it comes with a 3 second cast time.

I think we have to remember though, that in the case of quite a few spells, Holy Nova springs to mind, that the tooltips are odds on guaranteed to change.



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