Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: “The Light of a Thousand Moons”

The second I read the topic up for discussion as this week’s Blog Azeroth Shared Topic, I knew I had to take part. Legendaries have been a bit of personal sore spot ever since I became the “proud” owner of a Val’anyr, Hammer of the Ancient Kings. The lack of RP or indeed any “legendary” moments associated with said legendary became a bit of standing joke in my old guild. So when I read the following, suggested by Effraeti I was sold.

Build Your Own Legendary

When the newest Rogue legendary daggers were announced, Blizzard mentioned wanting to eventually create a legendary specifically for each class. This made me start thinking about what legendary I would want for my Shaman.

Basically, for your post, you can be as detailed as you want. You can create pictures, compose the questline, design the stats and uses/procs. But most importantly, you want to build a legendary for your main character! 

So here is my legendary quest chain for a Night Elf Priest staff, “The Light of a Thousand Moons”. Given that it’s fairly obvious that most of the races who can play Priests have different belief systems (or at least call their Gods different things), I feel the legendary chains should be somewhat different for each race and whilst the rewards are basically the same, the staff itself should reflect those differences with distinct graphics for each one.

I imagine the Nightelf staff looks like a twisted piece of wood covered in Physalis or Chinese Lanterns, all glowing with moonlight. Every so often, one two drifts off the staff and up into the sky, leaving behind a faint sprinkle of sparkles.

Quest Chain in Brief.

1. A Whisper on the Wind

This quest can be collected from any Priest trainer and sends you to Darnassus, to the Temple of the Moon.

2. Tears of the Goddess (picked up in Darnassus/hands in at Queen Azshara).

On arrival in Darnassus, you discover that since the Highborne have rejoined the fold there have been rumours of a powerful gemstone, supposedly belonging to Elune herself. It’s mentioned in a few of the ancient texts they brought with them and the Priestesses of Elune wish it found before it falls into the wrong hands. Luckily current events made an echo of the past available. You are tasked with journeying to the Well of Eternity and talking to Queen Azshara. If anyone knows the truth of these rumours, it will be her.

3. To Look at the Queen (picked up from Azshara/hands in just outside the Tower of Eldara)

Nothing however is simple and Azshara is rather capricious. Before she will tell you anything, she demands a boon from you. The Queen tells you a story of her favourite trinket, a mirror set with precious stones and bids you retrieve it from it’s hiding place.

4. Going Down! (picked up from just outside the Tower of Eldara/hands in at Azshara)

Off you go to the zone of Azshara and the Tower of Eldara. On clicking a hidden stone, a hole opens up and you have to drop into the darkness. Using any slowfall which isn’t Levitate means instant death as two huge ghost sabers spawn and one shot you. Safely landing with Levitate has you in a passageway, with stairs leading down. Eventually you find yourself in a large treasure room. Framed on the wall is a riddle:

Reach for the Moon,

she isn’t there.

See her reflection gleaming,

Amidst the water dreaming.

Looking around, you discover a painting of a moon hung above a moonwell. Something glints under the water. However when you try and reach for it, your fingers just slip through the water. Moving around slightly, you end up standing in the pooling moonlight as it drifts down from the painting. Suddenly you see your reflection swimming towards you holding the mirror you seek. After teasing you for a bit, holding the mirror just out of reach, the reflection attacks you. Unfortunately once you move out of the pillar of moonlight, you can’t see it any more but it can still see and hit you. However because of aoe effects you have to move (it might look like you, but it sure doesn’t fight like you), so you need to move from pool of light to pool of light, dpsing down your reflection. Once you’ve killed it, loot the mirror from the  corpse.

Return to Azshara, who after attempting to convince you stay with her and party until the world ends, takes her mirror and tells you of an artefact hidden away from sight, locked within the stone walls of a cave in Felwood.

5. More questions than answers (Picked up from Azshara/hands in at the Temple of the Moon)

You return to Darnassus to tell the Priestesses what you have learnt so far. They decide with the help of one of the Highborne that the cave Azshara mentioned must be the one in Irontree Woods. (You get a cutscene here).

6. “Had we but world enough, and time” (Picked up from the Temple of the Moon/hands in outside the Irontree woods)

It’s off to Felwood, with a Priestess of the Moon in tow. However by the time you rendez-vous at the woods outside the cave it’s too late, the Twilight lot have beaten you to it.

7. From a Distance. (Picked up from the Irontree Woods/hands in at the Twilight Highlands).

After watching them carry a box from the cave, via a cutscene. Your companion asks you to use Mind Vision to spy on their conversation. After all there are far too many of them for the two of you to attack. You learn that the box is off to the Twilight Highlands to be closer examined.

8. The Light and the Shadow. (Picked up in the Twilight Hightlands/hands in at  Darnassus).

So off you go to the Twilight Highlands too. You track down the box in the Obsidian Forest and get to kill a cultist High Priestess. For this fight you have to switch between Holy and Shadow dps as she becomes immune to the one you are currently using after so many hits.

9. The music box. (Picked up/hands in at Darnassus).

Once she is dead and you have possession of the box, you return to Darnassus. The box is opened and a tear shaped gem falls out. Lots of light comes from it and you hear music in your head, which no one else can hear. After much talking between the Highborne and Priests, it’s decided that the tear should be used to imbue a staff for you.

10. Sticks and Stones. (Picked up/hands in at Darnassus)

You are sent to ask one of the Ancients for a branch to use. After asking you a few questions, he consents to you pulling a branch free and then tells you what to do next.

11. A catcher of Dreams. (Picked up in Darnassus/hands in at Dire Maul West).

Then you have to take it Dire Maul and convince a slightly mad Highborne to imbue it for you so that it can catch moonlight. She takes a bit of convincing and pulls you into a dream world. You end up having to use mind control to overcome her, turning the visions she tries to set on you, against her. The reward from this is an epic staff, although right now, it just looks like a branch of wood, nothing special about it all at all (decent stats though).

12. The Light of a Thousand Moons. (Picked up in Dire Maul West/hands in Darnassus).

Now the fun part starts. After all, you can’t have a legendary quest chain without lots of collecting can you. In order for the staff to be capable of receiving the tear of Elune, you need to empower it with the light of a thousand moons. Moonlight has been trapped within certain places across Azeroth. 900 large pieces can be obtained from mobs within the Dragon Soul and the remaining 100 need to be caught from various locations where the reflection of the moon is still trapped within lakes, ponds, the sea and moonwells (think archaeology only the map doesn’t tell you where to look). As you obtain the moonlight, your staff starts to flower. Every 100 pieces it grows a cluster of lanterns until you hit the full 1000 where it’s covered in them. Once you have all 1000, you need to return to the Temple of the Moon and talk to Tyrande herself.

13. Blessings of Elune. (Picked up/hands in at Darnassus)

You find out that now the staff contains the Light of a thousand moons, it’s a suitable vessel for the tear of Elune. You just need to get the tear hot enough so that it can be poured over the wood. Basically it’s time to return to the Dragon Soul for a bit of Heroic Deathwing slaughtering. Once he’s dead, you can loot some molten blood from his corpse which you take back to Darnassus. With a bit of hocus pocus, a lot of chanting and of course some moonlight, they melt the tear using the superheated blood and you get your legendary staff and all the goodies which go with it.


First of all, the staff. I imagine that it would be a bit like Benediction/Anathema, so that it could remain best in slot for all three specs of Priests. Not going to go into specific stats however.

The healing side would have to have a use, activate Holy Form. It’s effect would be purely visual but would allow you to glow golden just like the Priests in the Sunwell. So basically completely useless apart from letting enemy rogues know from the other side of the battleground that you are indeed a healing priest, pretty though.

The shadow side would have a similar effect visual only effect, this time allowing your footsteps to glow shadowy (think like the footsteps of Illidan loot card).

Also whenever you enter the Well of Eternity and encounter Queen Aszhara, she will either greet you as an old friend, telling everyone how you found her favourite mirror for her or demand that you give her the staff, pointing out that people called her “the Light of a thousand moons” and thus by right it belongs to her, your Queen.

Since all legendaries these days need a mini-pet to persuade your guild that they want to help you farm the thing in the first place, what says Priest better than a Spirit of Redemption. It would drift after you using the same animation as levitate and should anyone/Willy/lil Kel’thuzad slaugher any critters in it’s presence, it will occasionally cast resurrection on them. When surrounded by live critters/other people’s mini-pets it will sometimes cast a heal on them.

Finally, you would receive a title. As a Nightelf, you would become either Priest or Priestess of Elune.

3 Responses

  1. Erinys, Great job building the Legendary quest for your Priest!

    I love that some have taken this idea and just run with it! It really is a topic with almost limitless possibility! The more I write on this topic, the more I want to research and expand. And there are just so many ways to present this – the process we each choose is almost as telling as the Legendary we build! 🙂

    Thanks for taking part in the Shared Topic! ❤

    ~ Effy

  2. Phenomenal chain and well done. As a Priest, I very much approve. I imagine my Dwarven staff would probably be “Light of the Mountain.”

  3. […] If you could design any transmog piece, what would it be and why? Small and pretty cloth shoulders for low levels. Staffs with lanterns on them like those the NPCS have and a weapon covered in chinese lanterns (the flowers) a la this post. […]

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