Proof of Alliance favouritism – The Green Winter Clothes Scandal!

As a tailor, I like having as many recipes as I can lay my little gnomish mitts on. So during Winter Veil, I knew I had to acquire the Green Winter clothes on my Gnome Priest. From previous years, I knew that you could buy the opposing faction’s recipe from their cities so off I went. However, it was only after a quick trip to Thunderbluff to buy said recipe, I got around to looking at WoWhead.

Imagine my surprise, when I discovered that the Alliance could safely buy the Green Winter clothes pattern in the neutral city of Shattrah as well as Orgrimmar, Thunderbluff and the Undercity, sold by this enterprising Goblin:

Can be found loitering outside the Aldor bank.

The Horde on the other hand, have to journey to either Stormwind (crawling with Alliance), Ironforge (crawling with angry Lumpyless Alliance) or that Draenei dump that’s in the middle of nowhere to buy the Red Winter clothes recipe.


2 Responses

  1. If it makes you feel any better, I got the Green Winter Clothes with my Mage. Two years ago. 20 feet from the Horde Auction House. As a level 40.

    I think I died 13 times before finally succeeding.

  2. Last year my lv 70 Horde warlock died about twenty times in Ironforge. Buying the pattern was the easy bit, escaping the Alliance.. another story all together 😀

    Wouldn’t be Winter Veil without being horrible ganked in the opposing sides cities though.

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