Ellora the would be Loremaster

As  I’ve already mentioned I want to get a number of alts to 85 by the time the Mists of Pandaria roll across Azeroth. Now, I’m participating in J.D Kenada’s 2012 in 2012 but because my “bad” habit of rolling alts all over the place has paid off so much (I’m already 70 percent of the way there), I thought I’d add a few stumbling blocks of my own.

My Nightelf Mage Ellora is going to be a Loremaster within one day of hitting 85. I completed Loremaster prior to Cataclysm and retracing my steps properly through all the zones has always been something I intended to do. A Nightelf Mage seems like the perfect character to complete it on too.

So what I intend doing is completing both Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms before moving on to Outlands. Then finishing Outlands before hitting Northrend and so on. It’s possible I might have to lock experience at some point to make sure I don’t hit 85 too quickly. After all, it’s the journey that’s more important than the destination.

I’m also contemplating levelling my Worgen Shadowpriest entirely through PvP, once (if) she manages to escape from Gilneas.

5 Responses

  1. I think if I’m going to level ANYTHING through PvP it’s going to be with BoA’s or it might just get horribly painful. So, it’s a matter of deciding which server to do it on and get to work “acquiring.” lol

    • If you only PvP by lv 25ish you should have enough honor to buy your own shoulders but yes, I’d recommend doing with heirlooms, enchants and anything else you can lay your hands on.

  2. Oh, I want to do this. I do. But I don’t think I’ll be able to. As of right now, I have 1422 on my main server, and 401 on my Alliance server. That’s 1823. If I’m trying to get to 2012, I’ll need to get 189 levels. Since know I’m getting one of each class to 85 before Mists, that means I’ll have another 32 levels added on. That’s 1855, which means I’d need another 157 levels. Hm, if I leveled up JUST my Horde toons to 85 that are on my account, that would give me an extra 196. But I have 2 DKs, one Horde, one Alliance. So subtract 50 from that, so 146. So I’d just need to level all my Horde toons to 85 AND get an extra 11 levels somewhere.

    Maybe I can do this. I am a leveling fool!

  3. Ugh, Worgen starting zone. I want another Worgen but I can’t face trying to get out of there again. Goblin starting zone wasn’t that painful to me but I don’t know how many Worgens I’ve abandoned, poor things.

  4. @Karegina Of course you can do it. You’re closer than the rest of us by quite a chunk. Come on and join the fun 😀

    @Tomeoftheancient I feel your pain. I hate both the Goblin and Worgen start zones. I tried queuing up to a battleground on the latest Worgen and it said something like “you can’t escape yet”… proving Blizzard know how much it sucks.

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