Transmogrification: The Druid Edition

Recently I’ve become rather obsessed with transmogrification and much searching of WoWhead, bank bags and running random quests later, here are the fruits of my labours.


She was my original Druid, made fairly early on during the “vanilla” period. Whilst she didn’t raid much, she made the odd foray into the original ZG (picking up items such as Nat Pagle’s Fishing Terminator) and  Molten Core (collecting five pieces of the Cenarion set in one raid). Thus her bank and bags were full of possible transmogrification items. However, I wanted to avoid a particularly Druidic look on her, possibly because Teasel’s outfit with it’s leafy shoulders screams Druid.

Note the Hyacinth Macaw that Mr Harpy serendipitously acquired whilst corpse camping someone who dared to gank a guildmate in STV.


I knew I wanted to build something around those shoulders and unlike Briarrose, Teasel is resto for life so the leaf theme seemed to suit her better.

Now I just need to find something to suit my Boomkin and my baby Troll and that’s the Druids sorted.


2 Responses

  1. Hi there… May I ask what belt you have on in the second picture? 🙂

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