The Elders of Cataclysm

Just a brief guide to the whereabouts of the Cataclysmic Elders.


  • Elder Windsong: Mount Hyjal (at the Sanctuary of Malorne).
  • Elder Evershade: Mount Hyjal (Stood next to the Stormwind portal at Nordrassil).
  • Elder Menkhaf: Uldum (Khartut’s Tomb. If you are facing north, he’s on the east side of the statue).
  • Elder Sekhemi: Uldum (Ruins of Ammon).

Eastern Kingdoms

  • Darkfeather the Elder: Twilight Highlands (Thundermar Ruins. He’s almost directly opposite Bloodgulch)
  • Firebeard the Elder: Twilight Highlands (The Dunwald Town Square in the Dunwald Ruins subzone)
  • Elder Stonebrand: Temple of Earth (He’s standing by the entrance/exit into Deepholm itself.
  • Elder Deepforge: Deepholm (Stonehearth, he’s stood next to the Oremantle quest givers hub).
  • Elder Moonlance: The Shimmering Expanse sub-zone (Biel’aran Ridge. He’s by the furthest south set of ruins on the map).
For a more comprehensive guide to the Lunar Festival see Aralosseien’s guide.

Festival Lantern

This is the Horde version of the new Lunar Festival pet, shown here with Erinys (who just happened to have over 50 coins of ancestry lying about).

I particularly like the fact that it hovers above your head rather than at waist height or lower. Also when you are mounted, it bobs about after you in a rather cute fashion.

Happy Lunar Festival 2012 everyone!

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  1. Thank you so much for the link! ❤ and so sorry that it's taken me a few days to spot it, I hope you haven't thought badly of me!

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