Through your UI – day 4 (15 days of Screenshots)

This is Day 4 of Serenity Saz’s screenshot challenge.

Greatest Accomplishment
Proud of a boss kill? Excited about taming that rare? Over the moon about getting a title? Show us your greatest in game accomplishment(s)!

1. Killing C’thun back when he was still current content.

I don’t have a screenshot of the kill, so you’ll have to make do with us all in STV picking up the Zandalar buff. Note the number of Benedictions gleaming in the dusk. My old GM had a bit of a Priest fetish going on and we used to raid with a minimum of seven or eight at all times. One Naxx run we had 12 Priests bouncing about, of course this meant that Priest loot was as rare as hens teeth. In over a year of clearing Molten Core we had 3 of  the tier 2 legs drop and in a year of clearing Blackwing Lair we had 2 of the tier 2 chest drop. The first of which went to someone who promptly quit raiding for pvp. On the other hand, every hunter and warlock alt in the guild had a full set of their tier 2 which dropped liked clockwork (bitter who me? of course not).

I’m the Priest at the centre of the shot with her back turned and Mr Harpy’s hunter is at the left hand side of the picture (not wearing his full tier 2 because Aq40 gave us hunter loot every week too!).

2. Loremaster.

3. Killing Anub’arak hardmode (25) before Icecrown was released/getting Tribute to Insanity.

I don’t have a kill shot of this either, so instead have of one of us with the naked bug just before we engaged him. Strange how the only people unaffected seem to be  plate wearers.

I included this because of the way we got the kill. A try was going great, his health was working down nicely and then at around 11 percent we lost half our healers. The three of us left alive had to go into overdrive, trying to keep ourselves, the 2 tanks and as many of the dpsers as we could alive. I remember having a sort of ranking in my head of who I thought was expendable if it came to that. Somehow and watching his health tick down was painful, we did it. There were a few “eek” moments and I died about three seconds after he did, stopping healing yourself when you have penetrating cold because you’re so excited is bad.

The Tribute to Insanity came about two weeks later and I’ve added it here because I’m still amazed that we one shot all the bosses. It usually took us a try or two to get into the swing of doing things properly so for my raid group, this was a great achievement.

Writing this post has taught me one thing, I need to take less screenshots of random bits and bobs and more of the things which actually matter to me.

What’s not included:

Notice I haven’t included getting my Legendary, because I have no sense of accomplishment there. Yes, it’s gratifying that my raid group thought I deserved it but all I had to do was turn up to raids (which I was doing anyway) and loot the shards. It may come as no surprise to learn that I don’t have screenshots of that either.

3 Responses

  1. Those are nice accomplishments, and I like the story behind them too Erinys.

  2. Great pics, I always take tons and love to look back and recall the memories associated with them.

  3. @Navimie Ty.
    @Kaozz Thanks. I have far too many screenshots and a good percent of them are of battleground scoreboards 😀

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