Burn Baby Burn – My Hunter’s Transmogrification Wishlist.

I made the wonderful mistake of downloading MogIt the other day and have been a bit obsessed with outfit hunting ever since.

This is the outfit I’m currently working on farming with my Hunter, Twiceshy. As she’s a Worgen I knew I wanted a kilt from the outset because I really don’t like Worgen legs in pants. She also pvps with a lava spider so I wanted something bright to match. I know it’s not particularly subtle but that’s what camouflage is for!

Then once this one is completely collected, I have a whole stable full of pets to match up with outfits.

7 Responses

  1. Maybe I should try that addon. I seem to be mog-challenged. It’s a beautiful outfit.

    Maybe it’s just as well I stay in cat form all the time!

    • Download it, it’s great just for flicking through plus if everyone is addicted, I won’t feel so bad 😀

  2. That looks amazing!

    Thanks for telling me about that addon 🙂

  3. NIce job on the outfits 🙂

    I agree Mogit is a great addon which can seem overwhelming if you don’t really know what you’re looking for but helps see if there’s something suitable if you have a theme, colour or item in mind 😀

    • Ty.
      Yep, I’m sticking with the idea of picking one item and then basing an outfit around it. I feel if I approach it the way I do shopping for clothes then it shouldn’t get too messy or overwhelming. Next up, something to go with my Forsaken Priest’s Arathi Basin tabard I think.

  4. That looks really nice. I’m going to have to get that MogIt too, can’t wait to play around with it! Thanks for linking it XD

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