This is my wishlist for MoP, focusing on all the important stuff like pets, mounts and romances between NPCS.


A raven, quothing “Nevermore” is optional. My Worgen Shadowpriest would call him “Edgar” and take him everywhere.

An octopus. Like the sea pony and the fish, it might have to be in a giant bubble but these models are too good to be hiding in Vash’jir and off the coast of Darnassus.

A floating alchemy lab that causes minor fireworks and explosives every so often. It would also let you make all the old bits and pieces which still require the presence of an alchemy lab where ever you are. The odd leak could turn passing critters into multi coloured enlarged versions of themselves before going pop.

A scorpion. Well why not, they already exist as critters so why can’t we have them as pets, would work well with the Horde guild mount.


A flying mechostrider made for two. Perhaps made by Gnomish engineers, Goblins could build a trike with wings or something similar.

A hot air balloon. It’s clearly handmade so would be a perfect addition to a profession, perhaps even a collaboration between Engineering and Leatherworking.

Boats. There are so many models floating about and yet we can’t have a proper fishing boat. They teased us in the Thousand Needles with a steamboat so surely it’s time to give us an all purpose seafaring vessel. One you can park next to the off-shore fishing pools and break out a cold beer whilst chatting with friends.

NPCS we need to see more of

Minx. She speaks fluent Orcish and is clearly a master of disguise plus she’s a green haired gnome (the best kind). She definitely needs to make an appearance somewhere on the battlefield.

Thassarian and Koltira. Cliffhangers are fine as long as we find out what happened to them soon.

Thisalee Crow. Anyone who can do this to a Harpy is clearly awesome and needs more storylines. If we can’t have her, I’d settle for her shoulders.


6 Responses

  1. If I had to pick just one it would be that hot air balloon, I would love one of those.

  2. I second all of the above!

  3. Actually, there already is a Scorpion Mini-Pet. You can get it at the Argent Tournament… I think it was either Troll or Orc faction, not sure. It’s called Scorpion of Durotar and it would spit poison at you every now and then. 🙂 Otherwise, I totally want an Octopus. Oh yeah.

    • Shows how much time my Horde characters spent at the tournament 😛
      I thought it semi sounded familiar but was distracted by a pretty blue one. Ah well, then we need more scorpion pets!

  4. I like these ideas! Hm, which is my favourite… black crow! I am sensing a crow fetish here Erinys – black crow, Thisalee Crow…

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