Transmogrification Tuesday – As the Crow flies

I’ve been spending more and more time recently playing my rogue. It turns out that sneaking around, picking pockets and killing healers is my cup of tea after all. I wanted an outfit which screamed ROGUE but without being too over the top. I knew it had to be mostly dark colours but with an accent of something brighter.

The starting point for this was actually a comment Navimie made about my “crow fetish”. From birds through the Antivan Crows I ended up at Ravenwing Pauldrons and thought, “hmm, bet they look good on gnomes!”.

It’s possible that any race other than Gnomes wouldn’t need the shirt but I think it helps tie everything together.  Finally, from the back:

14 Responses

  1. Oh my that eye patch is way cooler than my Eye of Rend! Gah I want one!

    • Best looking eyepatch in-game I think (there is a mail one which is identical from a quest in Blade’s Edge). Just annoying that I probably sold/disenchanted it on all three of my high level Druid’s. Wish there was a way to get unique stuff back or at least replica vendors for more than just the old dungeon sets.

  2. Love the shoulders! I may have to farm these.

  3. Oh no, another cute deadly Gnome! I remember getting a great eye patch on my Shaman, I think it was in Blade’s Edge. I loved that but got rid of it, who knew there would be such a thing as transmogrification back then.

    Would be so nice to be able to access your old quest rewards.

    • Gnomes are surprisingly addictive to play, especially once you discover the awesomeness which is the /flee and /chicken emotes. I spend far too much time chasing Horde around calling them /chicken if they run away from me (and to be fair, most people run way from a Disc Priest with a 160k health and 5000 resilience).

      I’d definitely like to see a way of getting old disenchanted/sold items back. Then there are the quests where I just took the item which sold for the most because I didn’t intend wearing the cool looking thing and now I’m kicking myself. I should have somehow guessed they’d implement transmogrification.

  4. I like it, and even use the other colored skin for the shoulders for one of the outfits in part two of my racial transmog series (up tomorrow). The only concern I might have is the Corruption gear reminds me of the silver-threaded cloth gear which on my realms is overused. Were it me, I might swap out the chestpiece for the Bloodthirsty Leather Chest

    But, that’s the beauty of things, transmog is all in the eye of the beholder. 😀

    • Part of the reason I went for that chest is the sad fact that she’s not yet 85 (I’m levelling her for 2012 in 2012) and that’s why everything is lv 70 and below.

      I will however try that chest out in Mogit and see what I think. Ty for the suggestion and I’m looking forward to the rest of your series, especially the Gnomes and Undead posts.

      • Thanks! You won’t have to wait long for the Gnome one. Not sure when you can expect the Forsaken just yet.

        I paid the level no heed before making my suggestion (and woot for the 2012 plug!)

  5. Yay! Another cute and deadly Gnome!

    This is a great Rogue outfit, especially for the small Gnome frame. I really like the wings – you found another pair of shoulders that do not not look ridiculous because they are bigger than her! 🙂

    ~ Effy

  6. I love this look. I have been on the lookout for an alternative headpiece for my baby rogues other than another bandana. Gotta get that eyepatch.

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