Real Rogues wear Pink! – A Blog Azeroth Shared Topic

This week’s topic is:

Show me the transmog!!!
What have you transmogged your characters into – photos!! What was the reason, is there a story behind it?

suggested by Dragonray.

Given that transmogrification has become a bit of an addiction, I couldn’t resist joining in but in true roguish fashion, I’m cheating slightly. I haven’t quite completed the set so rather than seeing on my character, you’ll have to make do with Mogit screenshots.

Usually when it comes to outfits for characters, I draw inspiration from one of two sources. Either I come across an item which strikes a cord with me or I spot an NPC wearing something that I want to recreate. This particular set  started out with an NPC as a nebulous idea and then crystallised itself when I got a certain item. So here, in all it’s glory, I present to you my rogue’s intended second PvP set.

Those of you who played pre-cataclysm may remember Rohan the Assassin. He used to hang out in Light’s Hope Chapel and was the gentleman rogues would hand their tier 3 bits into. Now, whilst he’s still in game, he’s a shadow of his former self. Levelling my rogue through EPL, I got the quest to kill him and when sneaking up on him with the intention of picking his pocket before stabbing him in the back, I thought to myself, “that’s a rather nice hat!”. That was step one in the process. Step two occurred a little while later when I was running around Nagrand beating up the local wildlife. I flew into Telaar to discover that the quest for Durn was available and had a little look at my prospective rewards. Somehow that sword and that hat jumbled themselves up inside my head and I knew I had to combine them.

From the back:

Now all I need is one of the mounts from the Darkmoon Faire and it’s go go purple power rangers, coming soon to battleground near you!

(It’s worth bearing in mind that my rogue is a clone of Mr Harpy’s rogue. Their names are almost identical and apart from shades of skin tone, they look identical too and they will be wearing the same outfits. Should make for some PvP fun)


11 Responses

  1. Love it 😀

  2. Love that hat and those shoulders, she is stylin’!

  3. That’s a very stylish rogue!

    • Glad you all like it. I’ve always been fond of the colour purple, I even went to school in purple steel toe-capped doc martens much to my teachers disapproval. In fact other than the golden edge around them, they were the same colour as the headhunter’s boots 😀

  4. This outfit looks similar to a certain druid I know 😛

    • But rogues > druids ! (most of the time :D)
      Every single leather wearer should be forced into only using the mantle of autumn as transmogrification.

      Although I must be tired, spent the last few minutes trying to figure out if I’ve seen a druid in pink anywhere and failing.

  5. That hat…is FANTASTIC!

    • Mm, I wish there was a cloth version available in that shade. Then I think all my characters might have one.

  6. I don’t think I’d be able to kill a rogue in that outfit. It’d make me sad. 😦 That hat is the best part,hehehe.

  7. This one looks so great – the model being a gnome really complements it! I’m very impressed, most rogues in druid pieces just look uncanny, but the shoulders bring a very nice overall feel to it.

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