The one that started it all

A few days ago, Cymre over at Bubbles of Mischef posted this:

Show us your very first screenshot from the game. Tell us about it, including the date, what you remember about the photo and who was in it with you. Do they still play?

Now I’ve really enjoyed looking at everyone else’s screenshots, seeing all the mismatching gear and old locations, some of which just don’t exist any more. However I’ve deleted my Warcraft folders a few too many times and don’t really have any pictures from my pre-tbc days or at least so I thought.

A rummage through my various screenshot sub-folders proved otherwise.

This is my first character, Erinys the Warlock circa May 2005 in what appears to the Sunken Temple. Despite transmogrification not existing, I think she looks pretty good. Makes me wonder if I was actually passing on upgrades because they didn’t match. I don’t remember doing that but I find it hard to believe that I was that lucky with coordinated gear, especially given how mismatched the rest of my characters were whilst levelling.

I also found this:

A druid “sneakily” attempting to leave Undercity after slaughtering Apothecary Keever. This went on to become a sort of rite of passage of quite a few of our Alliance characters.

No idea why these particular pictures managed to survive the test of time when all the rest didn’t but I’m glad I found them. Seven years later I’m still interested (read: slightly obsessed) in making my characters look as if they are wearing a cohesive outfit rather the first six items they found whilst dressing in the dark. Also, I think my rogue might stop pickpocketing booze and gentleman’s magazines from Twilight thugs in Hyjal and go and pay Apothecary Keever a little visit.


5 Responses

  1. Great to see you join in Erinys. I was thinking the same thing about your first shot. It does look like a transmog one 🙂

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  3. I agree, your first pic does look rather well dressed!

  4. @ Cymre I’ve been trying to place that top, to see what level it was but no look so far.

    @Navimie Yep, surprising really. I know she had a mooncloth robe at some point and then the pvp set. Maybe I just used up all my matching item luck on her.

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