Something Wicked This Way Comes…

As possibly the only person who plays WoW but doesn’t have a seapony, I’ve been doing a lot of fishing this past week.

Now I’m the first to admit my fishing tolerance is low. In fact I’d rather be doing pretty much anything, including washing the dishes than fishing but I want a seahorse in a bubble so I’m trying to push through the boredom barrier.

So, there I was returning from fishing up a couple of crates when I had a proper look at my screen.

Is it just me or is there something rather creepy about that picture? Her eyes are slightly glazed and she’s being towed through the air by an evil fairground balloon. In fact she looks like a zombie gnome.

After writing my post on my Faire transmogrification, I re-read Something Wicked This Way Comes and on looking at this screenshot I found Bradbury’s line repeating itself in my head.

But why a wax crone flung out in a night balloon to search?”

I suppose my gnome is lighter than Bradbury’s Dust Witch, she doesn’t need a basket just the balloon to drift over head spying on the comings and goings below.

What is Silas Darkmoon really up to and more importantly where is my seapony?


9 Responses

  1. OMG! I was just going to login and do the Darkmoon dailies but now she’s scared me. Maybe it’s just the frustration of having to fish without getting her pony that’s making her look wicked, I hope that’s what it is.

    Good Luck!

    • Not sure it’s the lack of a seapony, I mean when she gets one, she’ll probably just burst the bubble to see what happens….

      Think she’s a gnome gone bad 😦

  2. That’s one creepy looking gnome! I’m not fond of them to begin with.. encountering one like that might make me turn around and hurriedly walk the other way..

    Regarding the seapony, I don’t have one either 😦

    Keep that gnome away from me! /runs off

    • She goes wherever the Balloon takes her…… pray she doesn’t drift down your street!!!

      or something along those lines 😀

  3. I keep trying to tell everyone that the DMF is evil… I do not trust that Silas guy. But every time I do, everyone looks at me like I am a little crazy.

    ~ Effy

    • Definitely evil, I mean why are there so many injured carnies and why is it always night on the island regardless of when you go.

      Plus what are they doing with all those “ears” we keep handing in?

  4. I already thought gnomes were creepy, and now this! I blame the DK quest giver in ICC with the pigtails…. she *really* freaked me out.

    • DK gnomes are definitely creepy, think it’s that voice coming out of such a tiny frame.

      In fact that’s possibly where I keep going wrong with DKs, I keep trying Nightelves (for the pink hair) and Humans (for the racial) and it never lasts past lv 59. My next attempt will be a pink haired pigtailed gnome who specialises in creepiness.

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