Leather and Lace, Feathers and Face: Azeroth’s Top Model

This is my entry into Matty’s competition, Azeroth’s Top Model: the Leather edition.

The theme was “leather and lace” and taking the lace as a starting point, I knew I had to use these pants. From there, I decided to go with autumnal colours, possibly because I happened to have a certain staff sitting in the bank.

When I was putting this outfit together, this song kept playing over and over again in my head. I hope the competition doesn’t get quite as dirty, although since Death Knights can’t enter we should be safe.

The perfect mini-pet to accompany this would be the singing sunflower but mine despite being a primadonna 99 percent of the time suddenly got camera shy and kept hiding in a corner with her back to the world.

Here is a MogIt view of the outfit (minus the belt and gloves).

The shirt is optional of course, but the weather isn’t really warm enough for Teasel to feel happy enough running around Stormwind without it. Like Effy, I found finding the perfect screenshot location a little tricky. However, by the time I’d finished collecting all the pieces, I’d nicknamed the set “sunflower” in my head so flying north to the Isle of Quel’Danas seemed perfect.

With the shirt.

Without the shirt.

So if you happen to have a leather wearer, whether it’s a druid, rogue or low level hunter/shaman head along to Sugar and Blood to see the rules and put an entry together.

Strike a pose!

10 Responses

  1. Ooh, that’s a lovely set, and a great weapon to go with it! Those rich autumnal colors are so gorgeous together. That staff is one of my favorites for a Druid.

    • Mine too. Autumn is my favourite season, I love rich oranges, yellows and reds and the staff embodied that time of year.

      I have the version which dropped off the nature dragons on my Priest. In fact I seem to remember wiping out my dkp getting it just a week before my guild decided that anything with nature res would be a roll rather than dkp to help us finish AQ40.

      I may have thrown a tantrum.

  2. I like the little touches of green in the chest and belt that tie in with her weapon and hair, she looks lovely.

    I really have to stop having fourteen different windows open. I typed the above and luckily before posting realized that I was about to say that to Gnomeaggedon. His hair is green, but still.

    • Green is definitely the best colour hair!

      Navimie once nearly got the flame intended for the guy I was arguing with the on the pvp forums. Every since then, I do it one post and one window at a time.

      Otherwise I’m far too careless.

      Actually I should have learnt my lesson back in classic with different chats in WoW. My old raiding guild back then had about 12 priests in it so we had an active priest chat which we kept having to change the name of to keep non priests out. One night we were wiping on C’thun and our raid leader decided that we would spend the night practising how to enter the room properly using the empty Twin Emps room. Now I thought this was a stupid idea and was busy bitching about it in priest chat or so I thought 😛

      Calling your raid leader and GM a petty dictator amongst other things in guild chat … not a good idea btw. Although the rest of the guild found it hilarious.

      Didn’t get kicked or demoted or anything like that, but we ended up having an “interesting” chat later on in whispers. When he wasn’t bullying us in raids, he was a primary school teacher and yes, when he was finished, I felt about five years old with pigtails and red woolly tights.

  3. Ooooh I love it! My baby druid has that staff but I may have a lookalike somewhere. I love the autumny look! Think I may go to starbuck later…

  4. I love that staff Erinys!

    • I’d use it on every character if I could 😀
      Actually got lucky, in that I grabbed this one off the AH for 10g. Need to farm the red version for my Mage’s fire set.

      • LOL Erinys if you yelled at me I would probably think what the hell! Oh BTW I LOVE those pants! I have them aside for a different mog set if I could figure out what to wear with it:)

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