Never rains but it pours.

Names blurred to be protect the angry and the innocent.

Tol Barad on my server is always “interesting”.  It seems like buses, these things come all at once.

Out of curiosity, who do you think is in the wrong (if any one) and why? There was no further discussion in raid chat nor was there anything out of the ordinary said prior to this.


16 Responses

  1. ROTFL! That is so perfect. I give the gentleman marks for a good save. The only thing that could have made it better would be if they had yelled back, I AM A FUCKING WOMAN TOO!!!

    I know I’m guilty of always addressing groups as “guys.”

    • heh Exactly. I give kudos to the poor guy for his correction and tact. That conversation could easily have spiraled into the realms of trolling.

      I too am forever using “guys” in social situations. Beyond that, honestly, it just starts getting awkward. Like whether to use “he” or “she” and keep myself from incorrectly using “they” or randomly switching point of view by hiding behind “you.”

      Here is my formal request for a list of non-gender references to use in place of the non-PC terms everyone gets bent out of shape over. 🙂

      Preferably to include something to replace awkward PC replacements – such as mailman and maillady? :/ *cringe*

      ~ Effy

      • I was really impressed with both the first person who spoke and the rest of the raid.

        Was expecting some little troll to speak up, but nothing. I guess we didn’t have any of the usual trade chat spammers.

        I’m never sure what to use, I dislike “mailperson/postperson” because it sounds wrong. Think it’s about time we just came up with new words entirely to describe certain jobs. Not only would it be more fun, it would avoid disagreement and possible drama.

  2. I am dying laughing!!!


    I’m with Tome. The gentleman gently saying “…and ladies” is wonderful.

    I call everyone “guys, too.”

    How come I have never given a shit when someone has called me dude in game? Like, ever? Was I supposed to care? Did I miss a memo? A diatribe? A summons? Sigh.

    I was going to say something about losing the use of my….but, discretion, valor, blah blah blah. Tip o’the hat, sir.

    • I tend to refer to people based on the gender of their characters. Most people don’t seem mind, although one cute fluffy pink haired female gnome asked me to switch to male pronouns but only because his mates were laughing at him.

      As someone who pvps a lot, most people seem to assume I’m male, using male pronouns, asking if I have a girlfriend/wife etc whilst chatting.

  3. Hah. I thought maybe there would be a “pics or it didn’t happen” remark to follow.

    • Given that it was a PvP environment I was really impressed with the behaviour of the rest of the raid. I was expecting someone to say something distasteful but for once I was proved wrong. Had this conversation taken place in trade chat, I imagine it would have been a different story though.

  4. I had to show that pic on my blog Erinys. It was too funny.

  5. God why does this stupid gravatar thing not update my website!!!

    • Personally, I think that female was a bit… agro. That person (guy/girl whoever) was quite polite. I mean, the thirld line could have said “And Emo females” or something, but it said “and ladies”. Quite nice manners, I approve.

      • That was my gut reaction too. I dislike the use of caps and excessive punctuation, especially since there was little provocation.

        Given all the other stuff that’s been happening, I couldn’t quite believe my eyes when I saw this. It was really too good not to share.

      • Well no point in redundancy. Once again Nav is the proverbial hammer hitting the nail on the head. 🙂

  6. I have actually noticed a lot of good “recovery behavior” in BGs.

    By this I mean it starts in an abhorrent position eg: rape, retards etc

    However more often than not, when “gently” called out on the inappropriateness of the language, I’ve seen retractions/apologies.

    Had one “guy” raging in a SotA one night and when I called him out we received a full length apology of “his” behavior.

    Sometimes things just need to be called out in an even mature manner to allow people to admit their mistake without being backed into corners.

    • I’ve noticed that a few times with people who start out with “you’ll all suck” blah blah but unfortunately I don’t think I’ve seen anyone who started with really nasty name calling back down.

      I do post on the EU PvP forums quite a bit though and I’ve had some surprising apologies from people I’ve been arguing with there.

  7. She was totally in the right for correcting his misgendering, even though it was a mistake.

    I tend to not refer to “ladies and gentlemen”, as I’m aware that there are more than two genders, and tend more toward “everybody”. If I don’t know somebody’s gender, I refer to someone as they/them until they correct me.

    Common courtesy, etc., etc. I know, I know, common courtesy is hard but it’s pretty worthwhile.

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