Mog Madness – Round Two (Wild at Heart)

I got a pleasant surprise on Sunday, when I discovered I’d made it through into round two of Mog Madness. The small print however gave me cause for concern. An outfit for either a Hunter or a Druid incorporating the Glaive of the Pit or Marrowstrike (same skin). My worst fears were confirmed once I checked out the Glaive on Wowhead. After much bouncing around trying first my Hunter and then my Druid,  I finally settled on this.

I decided to use the Glaive because of it’s added orange glow (the only difference between the two weapons). That allowed me a slight flexibility in my colour choices, being able to play around with orange as well as bronze and blue.

As you can see from my screenshots, I decided to use bronze as my main focal point, with just the odd hint of blue (in the shoulders, bracers and chest) and of course the orange skirt as a bit of a statement.

17 Responses

  1. Showin off them hips!

    • I was brought up on the principle of, “if you’ve got it flaunt it, if you haven’t fake it”, Nightelves definitely have “it” 😀

  2. Oh no! It looks like this round may be even harder to judge than the first! One good looking Druid!

    • I was really worried at first, nothing seemed to be fitting the way I wanted it to (on my Worgen Hunter) but then I switched to the Druid and it just fell into place.

  3. I have that full robe on my Rogue so bonus points for good taste, lol.

    • My resto set uses the green version of it, dunno why but it’s one of my favourite looking pieces. I have a couple of the cloth versions too on various alts.

  4. Nice color combination. Not obvious, and this is great.
    Love this chest/legs combination that looks like a robe – I used a similar cloth version for a recent transmog for my warlock, matching the guild´s tabard (red). Now Im exalted and I changed everything 🙂

    • Ty.
      That’s one of the things I love about transmogrification, it’s like you wear one outfit for a week, then you can change to something completely different and no more clashing colours ever.

  5. That’s mighty Sexy there Erinys!

  6. Looking good!

  7. Wow! I love how you’ve used the complimentary color to the blue, bronze/orange, as your main color — it really makes the weapon “pop”. The blue decorations on the chestpiece then tie it back in a coordinating way. Well done!

    • Thanks. That was reasoning behind my choice of bracers and chest and it worked far better than I had hoped.

  8. This is stunning – the enchant on the weapon is the perfect touch – the warmth of the tones looks amazing. Nicely done!

    • Thank you. I’d gone through so many dodgy outfit combinations on my hunter I was starting to despair of ever finding something I liked.

  9. Grats on 1st place for this round 🙂

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