SPOILERS: the Possible Future of Theramore

MMO-Champion posted this video today with the following disclaimer:

As always, this is an early version of the area, previewed through unofficial means. This is absolutely not representative of the final version, it’s just a preview. We don’t have a lot of details about this area, as it is not part of the main map and could be part of a phased event.

Now the part I found particularly interesting starts at  the one minute mark.

It’s possible that the purple magic residue is all that’s left of some new and powerful Horde weapon, perhaps cooked up by captive Twilight Cultists in the depths of Orgrimmar.

However, we’ve seen something similar before.

Whilst I admit that this would definitely be my preferred solution for reasons I’ll go into later, I feel it’s supported by the fact that there is no sign of the Theramore Mage Tower. Most of the other buildings, despite being destroyed have left something behind, a few bricks, a burning joist, some fragment of their being to serve as a grave marker. Yet all that is left of Jaina’s Tower is a glowing crater.

I’d like to think that once it becomes apparent that this is a fight she can’t win or perhaps even before the Horde breach the city walls, she and her fellow Mages manage to move to the tower, ideally evacuating as much of the populace as possible (they better not forget Spot). The most likely destination would be Stormwind, perhaps floating over the Mage Quarter or parked in the Keep’s back garden. That way she can follow Varian around demanding he give her an army.

As to why this would be my preferred way of dealing with the destruction of Theramore.

Certainly I think Varian Wrynn for the Alliance really needs to be the kind of character that players really look up to and see as a major world figure. And I think if you ask players right now, they don’t quite see him that way yet.

Dave Kosak on Varian Wrynn. I was afraid that Blizzard’s end-game would involve the sacrifice of their Queen (Jaina) in order to demonstrate that Varian was worth following. The thought of a Mage having to rely on a Warrior for anything other than kiting practise is horrible and I’d much rather she managed to save herself and as many of her people as possible. Jaina is meant to be powerful and I want to see her stand on her own as a proper character instead being in the shadows of others.

3 Responses

  1. Jaina is meant to be powerful and I want to see her stand on her own as a proper character instead being in the shadows of others.

    Unfortunately, because she’s a female character in WoW, this probably won’t happen. Blizzard is terrible at strong female characters. :-/

    • I suspect you are correct but hope springs eternal (no doubt to be horribly crushed in a few months time when Varian has to rescue her from a burning tower whilst she cries “I just want to study”).

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