BETA: Mini Pets, Mounts and other Pretties

I’ve been completely blown away with the sheer beauty of Mists so far. So many waterfalls and fabulous little details to draw the eye.

On playing around with the new pet journal, I discovered a couple of interesting things.

First up, the Macabre Marionette is in the book, so it looks like we’re finally getting him as a proper pet rather than just for two days every year. No idea whether Blizzard have any way of knowing who has already done the quest or whether we’ll have to wait til November though. The coyote from Don Carlo’s hat and the Bloodsail Parrot are also there. Of course, it’s possible that Blizzard just added everything vaguely pet related to the list, but I’m going to stay optimistic here.

Secondly, you can scroll through the list seeing what delights are potently going to be available on us. A lot of stuff looks like it’s currently a place-holder (as it shares the same model as existing mini-pets) but a few are particularly interesting.

The shark which was briefly added to the Wrath beta for example (and that I’ve been after ever since).

I’m hoping this ghost goes live too, possibly as a rare pet which requires much lurking in graveyards or other haunted places.

I’m normally not into big mounts but the second I laid eyes on this, I started to covet it.

Just off the edge of that cliff, there is an island with lv 90 mobs on it. Nasty poachers who are beating up pretty dragons, killing their young and destroying eggs. I imagine that when the game goes live, that island will contain dailies to help us get reputation with these beauties. They come in a variety of colours and I’m really hoping that pink version is accessible.

I was definitely unsure on entering the Beta, in fact I feel I was fairly negative about the whole expansion. I wasn’t convinced that Pandarens belonged in Azeroth but now having played one for a bit as well managing to do a fair bit of exploring, I’m having to eat my words.

4 Responses

  1. I haven’t checked out the pet journal yet, but I did see some icons on my mini map outside Org. Will have to have a look tomorrow 🙂

    Love the look of the dragon too.

    • I found a few things outside Stormwind with the icon, including a cute little black sheep. Have to say it’s one aspect I’m fairly excited about.

  2. Oh that would be soo cool to be able to use some of those pets, especially the marionette. I love that dragon, that would be a really cool mount to have. MoP looks really gorgeous, can’t wait to be able to explore it.

    • So far, it seems a lot more interesting and exciting than Cataclysm but then I’m a sucker for waterfalls 😀

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