BETA Screenshots – A Farmer’s Life for Me

When Blizzard first mentioned player farms, I have to admit I wasn’t that sold (until they tacked on farmhouses at any rate). However now that the Valley of the Four Winds is open for questing and exploring, my opinion is definitely changing.

When I was a student, I did more than my fair share of hard labour on a friend’s farm but I don’t remember her farm looking anywhere near as gorgeous as this. No smells either which is a good thing, being in a shed full of chickens with a hangover is an experience I don’t care to repeat.

Vegetables which are bigger than my Priest are a little cause for concern though. I mean what are the Tillers feeding them (and can I have some please?)

All I want for my own little farm is a tattie-bogle (a scarecrow to the rest of you), preferably one with a kite attached and a little house like this:

The entire zone is has a peaceful and pastoral feel to it, although everyone’s favourite big game hunter stalks the valleys proving that even here, “Et in Pandaria ego“, the balance must be preserved.

I was also glad to spot this young lady. Although “spot” isn’t totally accurate as I had my interface hidden and my back to her taking screenshots when she snuck up on me.

These were my favourite mobs in AQ20/40, although I did hate the Battleguard Sartura fight for reasons I can’t quite remember and they’ve been underused ever since.

Visually this is world’s apart from the vivid colours of the Jade Forest but I think of the two, the Valley is my favourite (so far).

I also had a quick peak into the Krasarang Wilds (mind vision =  best beta spell ever!),

and spotted this. Now it took me a few minutes to figure out what this zone reminded me of but I got there in the end (so need caffeine right now).

This is one of our photos, taken as we walked around Palenque. I know there aren’t any ruins in the picture but there are plenty lurking just out of shot. So we have the same kind of vegetation, the same sort of water and broken down bits of carvings. So already, that’s a zone I’m excited about being able to explore in the next few weeks.

6 Responses

  1. Ohh, farm houses! I was wondering if they would add those in. This is making me drool. I am going to have to go check those out!

  2. Yesterday I was just excited to explore a new area. I didn’t know anything about it before I arrived but I quicky worked that out less than a minute in the zone.

    • I kinda feel I’m more looking forward to the rest of the zones. I feel bad for beating up the little rat rabbit people 😦

  3. I see the similarity between those two shots too, I wonder if someone at Blizzard had a holiday in Mexico and was subconsiously influenced!

    I love those farms, I see where I’ll be hanging out!

    • I can see my Gnome hanging out there, less sure about my more “elitist” characters. Don’t think my other Priest is into farming or doing anything that involves dirtying her hands (except with blood).

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