BETA: Glyph of the Heavens

The current beta build (15657) brought Priests our first cosmetic minor glyph.

Glyph of  the Heavens – Your Levitate targets will appear to be riding on a cloud for the duration of the spell.

Well would you have your eyes open if you were standing on a cloud?

The cloud is dynamic which is a nice touch, fluidly shifting in size.

 I can’t help wondering if it’s a bit big for Gnomes though. At it’s largest (as shown in the top picture) it’s about the same size as my Priest. Will I be using it when Mists goes live? Probably not, I find the movement a bit distracting and since I tend to use levitate mostly for leaping from the Lumber Mill to the Blacksmith, I’m not sure I’d want my arrival to be heralded by a large fluffy storm cloud.

7 Responses

  1. Speaking as a horde player I strongly support this glyph used in BG’s. Especially by little Gnomes.

    • Sorry, but I think I’d still stick to floating cloudless. I do however wonder if it’s a one cloud fits all situation or whether the bigger the race, the bigger the cloud?

  2. I read about this today, I will have to try it out tomorrow…

    • I think for all non-pvp related activities it’s pretty good. Need to test it in shadowform next but the EU server has been so unstable since the patch which introduced it. Every time I go to change spec the world server goes down.

  3. LOL! Yeah not the best idea for a little Gnome Priest in BGs.

    • It proves how angelic we are though. Might need to break out the wings and halo for a spot of cloud posing.

  4. Roll a Gnome Engineer named Lakitu!

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