Just when I thought I couldn’t be surprised any more…

I’ve been a bit preoccupied with real life stuff recently but when I was flicking through my feed reader, I noticed this post from Tome of the Ancient.

I don’t know if other bloggers do this, but I have a few posts that I wrote and then found lacking and they’re just sitting here collecting dust.

At the last count, my drafts folder has something like 105 potential posts gathering dust so before Mists dawns, I intend on getting rid of them by taking a leaf of the Duke of Wellington’s book and yelling “Publish and be damned” at the screen whilst hitting the publish button with my eyes shut.

Anyway, I’d like to offer my own unwritten rule #241

It doesn’t matter what level of pvp you are indulging in, there will always be someone on your team wearing the equivalent of a wedding dress and very little else. It might be the fang set (why they couldn’t just transmog it is anyone’s guess), it might be a lovely black dress or it might be 20 levels out of date but they’ll be there, running about in all their glory attempting to carry the flag.

I encountered this in an Eye of the Storm.

Fair enough we thought, it’s going to get dressed just before the game starts. Nope, it leapt from the starter stone still wearing that lv 1 robe. Maybe it’s a bot, we thought as it rode down to Fel Reaver on an epic mechostrider. Perhaps it’s making a video and will show super awesome skills that don’t require clothes. Nope, it went splat in approximately one second flat. I then spent the rest of game indulging in my own personal game of trying to “keep the mostly naked gnome alive” which went surprisingly well. Although we did win, I never quite got to the bottom of why they were still wearing that dress, I mean it’s not even very pretty.

After this, I’m never going to feel guilty about battlegrounding in slightly behind gear ever again.

19 Responses

  1. Damn the torpedoes! Publish!

    Also, that’s one of the bigger wtfs I’ve seen in a BG. At level 10, okay, sure. But in EotS at 35? How are they even leveling?

    • You really *can* get into EotS at level 35? *boggle*
      I was doing some BGs with my level 35 Feral Druid this weekend, and I thought it must be some kind of bug that EotS was showing up and even letting me queue!

      • (I didn’t ever actually get into an EotS; after queuing for it once and getting pulled into an AB first, I spent the rest of my BGs just queuing for only AB.)

      • They lowered the entrance level at the start of Cataclysm I think. It’s definitely been low for a while now.

    • It’s lv 70, so I’ve no idea how it managed to get there without equipping any clothes. I wondered about the refer a friend thing but that only takes you to 60 and grinding 10 levels naked would be painful. When I asked, it just /giggled and ran off into the Horde.

  2. I promise it wasn’t me in that lovely black dress!

  3. Maybe she is a camp-follower for the soldiers, you know, “morale?”

    • She definitely cheered the opposing team up, albeit briefly because we still flattened them (probably because they had their own version).

  4. I have 29 unpublished drafts, and a lot of, if I may say so myself, excellent ideas that never got published either. It’s probably not a bad idea to censor one self a bit, but I wonder if I may be too strict sometimes. 🙂 It’s a lot of work posting things all the time though! When 1/3 of it never reaches the public. (Three steps forward, and one back.)

    • Whilst self censorship definitely has a place (I won’t be publishing any of my knee jerk reaction rants if I can help it), I think given the amount of work we put into drafts, that most of them should see the light of day in some form or another.

      I will be re-purposing some of mine, partly because they’re like an expansion out of date but the principle behind them still holds true. Some of them I just don’t get why I never posted them in the first place, it’s not as if they’re inflammatory or anything.

  5. On one particularly bad day of bgs several months ago, I got into WSG with a resto shammy (who had apparently just dinged 85) whose ilvl was 64. At first, I thought the same thing you did, but when people started questioning his gear, and he never responded, I thought, “Uh oh.” And it was that bad. The guy died so many times (jumping into scrums like he was invincible), often with one-shots to his 45k-ish health bar.

    When I looked him up on the armory later, it turned out that he had not only just dinged, but had apparently leveled the last couple of dozen levels entirely through PvP, and had done no quests / bought no gear / explored no zones. With his maximum ilevel only a few points higher than his equipped, he didn’t even have better gear in his bags/bank, and he had almost no questing achievements. So this guy, who I had thought was trolling us, had actually been screwing over who-knows how many other bg teams for quite a while. I was not particularly happy about that at the time; thankfully, I’ve never seen anyone else do that since.

    He did start buying gear shortly after that, but still… what a waste of everyone else’s time.

    Oh, and we didn’t win in this case. We got creamed. It was pretty crazy.

    • Every game I play has the obligatory plate wearer or hunter with around 110k health. I don’t understand it at all because my rogue hit 85 and within half an hour had 133k health (without stamina gems) and over 2k resilience.

      On so many levels it bugs me because I take playing a multi player game seriously. I enchant all my gear regardless of whether I’m going to replace it in an hour, I gem things and I bother to pick talents (you can’t tell from the screenshot but it was a talentless priest) so it’s sometimes hard to bite my tongue when I encounter stuff like this.

  6. Oh wow. makes me feel somewhat better about my hunter in PvP. I may really suck at PvP but my gear is the right gear 😛

    • That was basically the lesson I learned here. It doesn’t matter what I show up in, I’m not going to be the worst dressed person in the battleground 😀

  7. I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry with you on this one, but you sure made me feel better about the choices I make. Maybe they were going for an “Ironman BG Challenge” title? I can only guess but was that a mage too?

    • It was a Priest.. a Gnome Priest!
      And I cried and then I had to laugh because it was rather funny although had we lost… :p

  8. If it was a druid I might think it wad Tzufit pushing her skillz to the max…

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