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I thought I’d take a leaf out of Navi’s book and share some of the new faces on my ever expanding blog list with you. I’m not going to go into any details about the blogs because that takes away the fun of discovery, however I think each and every one of them is awesome and definitely worth reading.

I’m also always on the look out for stuff I should be reading so if you feel I’m missing out on something amazing, feel free to mention it in the comments.

Also Neri of Neri Approves is holding a “Trashy Transmog” contest, the rules of which can be found here. You’ve got until the 31st of May (30th if you’re not in Australia) to show off your creations and as much flesh as you feel up to.

Finally, as Tome and Kamalia have already mentioned, Amijade of Warlockery is hosting a Warlock Transmogrification competition, the details of which can be found here. Failure to enter is likely to end with searing pain, hellfire and a spot of soul shattering so best not risk it!  You have until June the 16th to put together a suitably Warlocky outfit and submit it for inspection.

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  1. Oh good! Some more new blogs to read! I’m looking forward to seeing the entries in the competitions, hadn’t seen the Trashy Transmog one I’ll have to check that out.

  2. I’ve also come across Flask Half Empty with much joy. 🙂

    One day I’ll take a deep breath and go blog visiting/hunting and update my roll. Just a bit busy these days.

    • I fell in love with her header, it’s so perfect for the blog name and so pretty.

      My blog roll is definitely still a work in progress, I need to get everything on my feed reader in there 😦

  3. Heya Erinys,
    Thanks for tossing my site up there with your list of recommends. Yeah, I’m a newbie blogger, but trying. I think what has been the most suprising to me is how welcoming and open many of the famous bloggers are to any newbie people. It has just been a great experience so far and I have no comlaints other than wishing I knew what I was doing better!

    I love Neri’s Tmog contest idea, but we all know that mage will probably win that one 😛 Take care and my best always…

    • It has pleasantly surprised me as well! I really wish this is something I had have delved into sooner. I’m having a blast!

      As for the Trashy Transmog Competition, there are three prizes up for grabs, so there is always a chance! You should totally just enter anyhow 😉

    • Np, despite my inability to play a warlock for more than a month at a time, they’re still one of my favourite classes and I love reading about other people’s adventures with them.

  4. Ooh I love new things to read! And I need to get cracking on Amijade’s competition, thanks for the reminder.

    • Me too, I’m slowly figuring out what I’m going for. Got the shoulders so far 😦

  5. Thank you very much for the shout out! I appreciate it, and I can’t wait to share some of the transmog entries. One person sent me through a series of screencaps following their toon’s night on the town after a raid was cancelled. Absolute gold.

  6. Thank you for the support and link 🙂 Everyone has been so supportive since I joined the NBI!

  7. Thank you so much my fellow reader!

  8. Thanks for the link! 😀

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