A Dilemna

As the title says, I’ve found myself in a bit of dilemma recently. Despite my “bucket list”, I’m finding both WoW and Diablo hard to get into. I log, deal with auctions, kill a few Horde and then log off. However, I do have a bunch of alts in various states and I’d like to get at least one of them finished before Mists is released.

So I’m seeking advice (which I may or may not take) on which of these to level first.

Twiceshy, Gilnean Hunter.

Fond of fine wine and raw meat, she likes long romps through the forest and chasing Goblins off cliffs. Nimble on her feet, she’s also an excellent dancer. Once when relaxing in an Inn, Twiceshy heard rumours of a large demonic dog lurking within the halls of Blackrock Mountain and would very much like to pit her strength against his.

Dulcamara, Dwarf Warlock.

Yes, she’s wearing the rabbit ears for a bet. Those succubi can be remarkably mean when pushed.

Surprisingly enough, not the name she was born with. She’s a Wildhammer lass through and through, well apart from her pet demon and fondness for conjuring hellfire. After accompanying her parents to Ironforge, she fell in with dubious company and discovered she had an aptitude for the dark arts. Around the same time, she also decided that her practical sturdy Dwarfen name didn’t suit her new lifestyle and picked a new one from a book of herbs and poisons she discovered in the basement of the Slaughtered Lamb.

Her current goals include teaching her succubus who is boss (not going so well atm) and getting the “Insane” title because it sounds suitably warlocky.

Ellora, Night Elf Mage.

On a quest for knowledge, she loves exploring and learning about the history and stories of the various peoples who live on Azeroth. Her goals include wearing the title of Loremaster in her own right as well as writing the definitive book on the fairy stories of Azeroth. She’s currently doing research on the death rituals of Horde in the chilly Valley of Alterac, oh and killing people because it turned out that the best way to study these solemn rituals was to provide your own corpses. All in the name of scientific research of course, I mean she’s not a psychopath or anything.

Vanillabean, Gnome Warrior, lightsaber wielder and cuteness personified.

Her ultimate goal is to finally liberate Gnomeregan from all those dirty Troggs but in the meantime she’s seeking favour with Stormwind to convince that suspicious horse seller to hand one over and refining her skill as an engineer. It’s been three hours, 13 minutes and 5 seconds exactly since the last gizmo backfired which is a new record for her. She also wants to get to the bottom of what ever evil lurks behind the Darkmoon Faire. All those injured carnies, plus the ears we hand in… something dodgy is definitely going on.


So, which one would you level first and why?

16 Responses

  1. Hmm, that’s a tough pick. I know that leveling warriors is SO.MUCH.FUN. once you get past the first 20 levels or so. I just had a blast leveling mine…then again, the mage and warlock were the same way!

    I’ve been too distracted by beta, and discouraged by the stupid cake (it’s a LIE!!) recipe that is all I need to finish the BC Gourmet achievement that I haven’t even logged in other than at raid time recently. Not even for DMF!

    So anyway, if I had to pick, I’d go with gnome warrior, because, tiny rage filled power is fun!

    • My original warrior was a Gnome and I must admit, I did like charging stuff and smashing their kneecaps.

  2. That’s a hard one, but for me it would be between Dulcamara because I’ve never seen a level 85 female Dwarf Warlock on my server at least she’d be one of a kind and the psychopath, er, Ellora. Since I can’t seem to level a Mage maybe you could on my behalf, lol.

    • I’m casting my dark vote and siding with Tome on this one – the incongruent nature of a Dwarf and Warlock is too delicious to pass up!

      • I’d always wanted a Dwarf with those plaits which flew up when you cast so when Warlocks could become Dwarves it just seemed like fate.

        I must admit I can’t think of a single lev 85 Dwarf lock either. On my server most seem to be Human with a few female Gnomes thrown in.

  3. I was going to say Ellora the mage….and then I saw your gnome warrior and completely melted 🙂

    My vote is for Vanillabean – she looks adorable but probably packs quite a punch!

  4. Oh dear, what a tough choice! I think I’d go with Ellora, though, because I enjoy Mages and getting Loremaster in her own right would be more satisfying to accomplish before Achievements go account-wide.

    • I think if we weren’t getting account wide achievements I’d be much more enthusiastic about that. However, there are still a bunch of zones I haven’t seen post Cataclysm, including Desolace which was one of my favourites before Deathwing’s escape.


    Now, I might be bias … But gnome warriors are fantastic. More than fantasic, they are magical, stupendous, and superior to any other incarnation of warrior.

    True story.

  6. My vote goes to Twiceshy. For starters, that Mog outfit is phenomenal…if it’s a Mog outfit. Honestly, the Worgen just caught my eye the most.

    The others all have compelling arguments. A mage could level rather fast with a combination of PvE and PvP…the Warrior could level ridculously quick by tanking or just taking on a whole zone…wait, no that’s Paladins. Stick to the tanking idea…and the Warlock gets points simply for the lack of Female Dwarves endgame plus (based on Cynwise’s explanation) Warlocks have apparently been half left for dead (though they apparently become awesome to play in Mists).

    • Yep, it’s a mog outfit. She’s wearing the lev 60 pvp gear underneath which is just a bit too “in your face” in pvp.

      The shoulders are Thick Scale Shoulder pads.
      The chest is the Cadet Vest.
      The legs are Fenclaw Legguards.

  7. Go with the huntwr their fun. Don’t laugh, but I made a Worgen hunter just to do the starting zone and named mine Twiceshy too :p

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