Sprout the Uncanny: A Blog Azeroth Shared Topic

The shared topic this week is:

If Blizzard added your main as an NPC in WoW, where would they be located and what would be their function? Give us a shot illustrating the fact.

Suggested by Cymre.

I actually found this surprisingly hard. The more I thought about the various possibilities, Sprout just didn’t seem to fit in.

Priest Trainer perhaps?

Well she’s not exactly the most patient Gnome out there. I can definitely imagine her yelling at any poor unfortunates who couldn’t master the correct use of a spell. Not to mention the fact that she swears like … well a tank, very good at taunting is Sprout, /chicken! I also feel that as a Gnome, she doesn’t belong in the Cathedral and she doesn’t like Ironforge (too claustrophobic) so as a Priest Trainer finding a home for her would be tricky. That’s before we even start delving into exactly what sort of deity she worships (I suspect it’s a dark and angry God!).

Tailoring Trainer then?

Given that she’s more into sticking pins into people than pinning patterns I don’t see this as a suitable career path. On top of that, the only recipe she’s interested in teaching is the embersilk net one so she’d be a very specialist sort of trainer.

Quest giver? You can’t go wrong with a quest giver can you?

Whilst she’d quite like the idea of sending people off on weird and wonderful trips to half way around the known world, Blizzard seem determined to stop that and sending someone off to kill something 10 yards away isn’t Sprout’s cup of tea. Also she’s not too taken with the concept of rewards, oh, it’s fine when she’s the adventurer but as the quest giver… people would be lucky to get 3 copper and a broken I-win button. In fact I suspect her go to reward would be a flea in their ear.

So what does that leave?

The Darkmoon Faire Island is Sprout’s home from home. She loves floating around it’s dark and creepy woods and beaches so it would be the perfect place for her to set up shop. She’d offer a range of balloons, red, orange, purple, green as well as some more “exotic” ones, a gnome effigy balloon, a tauren head balloon and perhaps a special cluster of balloons just like Vin and Jaga float away on after their respective quests. Every so often, she’d giggle and whisper random faire goers things like “They all Float!” and “You’ll float too!”. When the Faire wasn’t available, she would appear all over the Azeroth, half an hour here, half an hour there, offering her balloons and scaring low levels with her creepy whispers before disappearing in a cloud of dust, balloons and all.

13 Responses

  1. Sprout would be worth going to the faire–what a wonderful, charming post!

    • Thanks.
      I really hope that with the coming of MoP, they add a whole bunch of new stuff to the faire.

  2. I really like the balloon idea 🙂

    • Ty. Her go to pet tends to be the Darkmoon Balloon because she looks so cute and innocent running about with it, that it seemed the perfect NPC choice.

  3. I kind of liked the Embersilk Net Trainer one as she is the one who got Warlock to always carry them and she loves using them but you’re right the Balloon Vendor is even better. Whoa … Spooky Sprout!

  4. Awww, I’d buy balloons from her!

    • Thanks. I’d even like balloons that whispered people creepy messages every so often. WoW needs Old God balloons 😀

  5. @Battlechicken
    Of course they would have tentacles. All the better for waving at you!

  6. Oh god, the quotes she would whisper…I made a little terrified noise without even realizing (until some coworkers looked over woops). We all float down here *_*

    I would totally buy balloons from her.

    • I should hope so, if not she might have borrow from C’thun. “If you don’t buy my balloons, all your friends will desert you!!!”.

      WoW needs more whispering NPCs.

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