BETA: Ravens, Cranes and Crabs

When I first started playing WoW, I came across the Crazy Cat Lady whilst trying to find Westfall and knew that I had to have a cat of my very own.  Unfortunately however, at that point I hadn’t quite found the AH or really got the hang of making money at all, so scraping together 40 silver was a little tricky. I got there in the end though and by lev 18, I had my very own Bombay cat following me. As I made more characters, I quickly discovered that there were more pets to be had and set about locating them. My first ever Gnome got lost in Dun Morogh trying to track down the rabbit seller and some sweet Norwegian ran from Darnassus all the way to Tanaris to give my Warlock an owl as a token of his affection (he wasn’t quite level 40 and so it took him slightly longer than it took us to clear ZF to get there). I loved the idea of most of the races having a pet associated with them as it added to the flavour of the starting zones and home cities. Visit Orgrimmar and buy a snake or come to Exodar and purchase a moth, just a little something to set them apart.

So when Cataclysm was announced, I admit to being disappointed that the Worgen and Goblins didn’t come with their very own pets. However with the coming of MoP, it looks as if that is about to change.

At the moment, the Pet Battle Trainers will sell you a pet based on your race.

The rather large and glossy Raven for the Worgen. A must I would say for any Shadow Priest, especially when combined with the shadow raven glyph.

A white Crab for the Goblins.

And for the Pandarens, a very pretty delicate little crane, the Jade Crane Chick.

Assuming this will be the only method of obtaining these pets, I think it’s a great idea. It pushes people into playing through each of the phased start zones at least once if you want these pets on your account as well bringing a bit more flavour to the races.

6 Responses

  1. Oh no! All those Worgens that I deleted who had made it out of the starting zone! The Raven means I’m going to have to do it one more time. And I love the Crane Chick but that won’t be as painful as a Pandaren would probably be the first thing I’d do anyway.

    • I was thinking about making my Worgen hunter a Draenei, but now she’s staying Worgen until post MoP release. I just can’t do that starting zone again.

  2. And I just deleted my only Worgen! I guess I’ll have to make a new one on a new server so I can get my hands on the pet. Time to finally make a Dwarf as well I guess 😛

    I do like the flavour of each race having their own pet, and it’s a nice idea. My main server is already full though, so I’m hoping that the pets are truly account bound and me playing through the zones on a different server will still reward me with the pets for my main.

    • I hope they will be too. I don’t have room on my main server to make another Goblin so.. 😀

  3. Love the idea! I’m glad I still have my worgen and I do have a goblin too… wait I’m not sure if I still have a small one…might have deleted that one.

    • I must admit, this has made me glad that I struggle to delete characters. I have a goblin shaman hanging out in the Barrens who I haven’t played since the month Cataclysm came out.

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