Sunday Screenshot – Fire Festival

It’s been a while since I did a screenshot post and since I’ve been taking quite a few pictures whilst flying around stealing flames and honouring fires, I thought I’d post a few.

We might have failed to take Gnomeregan, but taking Silvermoon was a push over!

The Fires of Stratholme

The Gates of Mulgore looking towards the ruins of Camp T

Tarren Mill in the rain

The Bonfire at Bogpaddle

9 Responses

  1. Nothing like World Events to make you appreciate the things you normally overlook 😀

    • I really love the excuse to get out of SW and go sightseeing. I know I could do it all year around but I tend not to, at least on my main.

  2. That one especially I find charming and heartbreaking– like a bittersweet memory in the making…

    • I think this festival has that effect. For some reason, despite all the comfort food and the bonfires, I always feel a bit sad when I’m collecting flames.

  3. […] ridiculous. I was doing some heavy traveling this weekend because of the Fire Festival, there are some beautiful shots by fellow traveler Erinys at The Harpy’s Nest too, but what struck me was that I’m […]

  4. Especially love the Gates of Mulgore shot. I like any event that gives me an excuse to fly around and visit old favorite places.

    • Surprisingly enough, I love stealing the Horde flames more than honouring our own 😀

      So far the only people to attack me have been two brave but foolish lev 40 rogues.

  5. Ohhh screenshots! I love screenshots… The Mulgore gates look very commanding and protective…Tarren Mill in the rain looks very Halloween-ish (and cooler weather) and the bonfire makes me want to cozy up and dry off my wet clothing. Very nice memories 🙂

    • The Forsaken buildings and general feel make me sad that I’m not Horde anymore. I think they’re so fabulous and of course the rain helps add a little bit more atmosphere.

      The Mulgore one is a bit sad though, those huge imposing gates and yet, Camp T still burned beneath them.

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