If they love you, they’ll kill Demons for you: A Blog Azeroth Shared Topic

The shared topic this week is

What is the nicest thing another player has ever done for you in-game?

courtesy of Frinka of Warcraft Street.

Immediately one thing stood out but first you need to know the background. In November 2005 I was in a 40 man raiding guild which was ripping itself apart from the inside. Founded on very open terms with no GM and lots of Officers by a bunch of escapees from an ultra strict dictatorship guild (when the GM accuses your boyfriend of stealing you away from him on the realm forums…. you know you made the right choice), we were struggling to get along. My now husband was our Raid Leader and there were whispers (behind his back of course) of a “cult of personality” and “brain washing” to explain away why the majority of the guild looked up to him and not the rest of the Officers. I was caught in the middle as both our Priest Class leader and the girlfriend of the RL, people would whisper me complaining about the other Officers as well as the other Officers whispering bitching about my partner. All in all, at times I felt like just walking way, I was sick and tired of dealing with tantrums, whines and just general obnoxious behaviour. It really felt like I was running a kindergarten rather than helping lead a raiding guild. We had two tanks who both needed their hand holding half the time, one who famously sat down on Onxyia and just gave up and one who deleted his gear regularly, who usually had to be talked down by me.

This night in particular we were working on Majordomo and despite the usual hiccups and whines, we managed to defeat him. Now we were the fourth guild on the server to do so but apart from the server first guild who got an Eye on their first kill, the server seemed to cursed to only get the Leaf so we were both surprised and pleased (at least those of us who weren’t hunters) to see the Eye of Divinity gleaming away at the bottom of the chest. No one contested it going to me but that’s where the next snag arose. The server’s top guild had a monopoly on Kazzak as well as an army of priests, there was no way I could get the Eye of Shadow that way. I was just going to have to chance my luck in Winterspring versus those nasty elite demons.

So after a quick pull on Ragnaros to get a feel for him, a group of us headed off to Winterspring. It was already late, past midnight and most people had both families and jobs in the morning. The clock chimed 1, 2, 3 and still we were at it with no luck. Our tank went to bed, as did our hunter and the rest of the dps which considering that they had to be up in the morning was fair enough. That left four of us, my now husband on his resto druid, me on my priest and two of my fellow priests. Four healers versus those fairly nasty elites. We rooted and we smited our way around in circles, killing mob after mob and getting nothing. Four in the morning came and went, four thirty.. five am and had anyone been watching they would have seen four forlorn figures running around killing demons. Someone said those immortal words “just one more” and dotted a Felguard. We killed it and there it was.. my Eye of Shadow. The rest is a blur, hearthstoning, flying to the Plaguelands and completing the quest.

As it turned out, I was the second Priest on the server to compete my staff and when that guild finally burnt itself out and a bunch of us were “headhunted” by the server’s top guild, I was able to repay one of those priests who spent all night farming demons with by gifting them an Eye of Shadow from our guild bank. They are the reason that my Benediction is so important to me, sure it’s great to have because you can’t get it any more but their efforts and their time means far more to me than a sparkly staff.

If you’re reading this and you know who you are, <3.

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  1. What a great story! I can’t say mine means as much to me as yours does since I did mine back in BC but it’s nice to hear that you could later repay one of the other priests for their effort that night.

    • Thanks, we made a pact that night that when they got their Eyes of Divinity, we’d all help. One quit playing a Priest before that but the other guy got his eventually and we were all off to Winterspring but something made me ask in guildchat if any of our dps fancied coming to help. Someone asked what it was for and when I told them it was a case of “well we’ve got a bunch in the bank” and luckily the guy with the bank alt was online.

  2. I love this story! To me, this kind of the moments when you realize it’s like….6 am and you’re trying to just get this ONE THING with your friends are some of the greatest in WoW.

    • Yep, despite it being one of my earliest WoW memories, it’s by far the stand out, better than downing a lot of raid bosses, although I think our first C’thun kill comes a close second.

  3. I love good people stories. Kudos to those who stayed up late to help you, and it’s cool that you were able to pay it back some! I’m gaining a deep appreciation for the people who are still coming to Firelands with me every week; I hope I can find a way to pay them back for their persistence!

    • Looking back, I don’t feel that the WoW community is anywhere close to being as rotten as people seem to love making out on the official forums. I’m sure you’ll think of something 🙂

  4. What a great story! I was missing that in a guild until we formed the one we are in now 🙂

    • Thanks. I must admit I miss that sort of friendship now, but I’m still uncomfortable about looking for another guild.

  5. […] enjoyed the story on Harpy’s Nest about how she got Benediction. I wish I had it! A lot of people had great things to say about their […]

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