Miscellaneous Monday

To borrow from the estimable Godmother, right now I’m mostly faffing.

In WoW

I’m mainly pvping and achievement chasing, with a side order of trade chat discussion. My Hunter has progressed a bit as well, spurred on by the idea of shared realm spaces and lots of other Hunters chasing “her” rare spawn pets and spirit beasts so the idea of me finishing 2012 in 2012 is still possible.

I’m also working on both my entries into JD’s Mogolympics and Neri’s “The Skills to Pay the Bills” July transmogrification competitions. If you haven’t already signed up/started thinking about your entries, what are you waiting for?

Gaming in General

I started a new game of Dragon Age: Origins, running my fifth mage through her Harrowing and yes, I am a total Harrowing expert by now but since “true tests never end”.. you never know.

This time the plan is to seduce Leliana but that’s been the plan before and Alistair with his goofy smile and Templar armour usually gets in the way.

I’m also probably the only person with a copy of Diablo III who still hasn’t finished it on any setting at all. My Monk is still working her way through Act 1 and whilst I found myself enjoying it for a period, I don’t have any great desire to pick it up and finish it.

I’d love fluttering moth shoulders as transmogrification option.


This week I’m reading Kate Atkinson “Started Early, Took My Dog“, any book which uses Emily Dickinson to provide it’s title has to be worth reading right?

As well as “Das Leben der HochGräfin Gritta von Rattenzuhausbeiuns” mostly because I couldn’t resist the title. In English it translates to “The Life of High Countess Gritta von Ratsinourhouse” and so far I’m loving it.

Finally I’m reading “Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters” because my Mother told me not to, also I rather like sea monsters. So far Jane Austen has not risen from the grave to haunt me for this sin but never fear, the second it happens, I’ll blog about it assuming I don’t just die of fright.

Random Stuff off the Internet

I fell in love with this kitten creator a week or so ago and have spent many a happy hour “faffing” with it since. This is Mr Harpy’s Gnome Rogue reimagined as a kitten.

I also spend far too much time browsing The Graphics Fairy and the OBI Scrapbook Blog looking at old bookplates, labels and photographs.

My other favourite place has to be Project Gutenberg where you can lose yourself in things like this and this. I think it works a bit like my brain, I search for something completely random and then end up somewhere else, miles away. As  a plus point, some of the illustrations, especially in the children’s books are amazing. There are so many things out there that I never knew I wanted to read.

Back to the faffing!


10 Responses

  1. I know I’ve caught the faffing that’s been going around. And you are not alone. I’ve not finished D3 either. Now I’m off to make kittens!

  2. Oh, I have not read Sea Monsters yet, but did read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies a few years’ back, and loved it. Thank you also for reminding me of Projec Gutenberg, and I thought I had read something by Kate Atkinson (Behind?….) but now I can’t remember. I over-read and over-alt methinks, if that is a thing that is possible.

    • I’m going to say it’s impossible to over alt or over read or indeed over faff!

      Planning on getting the zombie one next although I do prefer sea monsters to zombies in general.

  3. Lets see.. Clearing all kind of bank alts on mats, leveling 2 chars atm, mount farming in UP and SH. Happy that im going on vaction and dont have a comp to play on.

  4. I have Faffing disease too. I didn’t even get past lvl 7 on D3, but I don’t have the desire. I love hearing about Faffing things that people do!

    • I’m lv 13ish I think. Mr Harpy got to lv 4 on a Barbarian lady and decided that was it. I liked Diablo II so not sure why I can’t get into this one but there is just something missing for me.


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