In which I attempt to get organised #2

Inspired by the amazingly organised Godmother, I’m attempting to prepare as best I can for MoP. However I’ve just acquired a full time job which at least for the beginning will require a fairly horrible commute leaving little time outside weekends for WoW. On top of that, in order to lose the commute we need to move which will eat into my weekends as well. In a terribly selfish sense, I’m actually starting to hope that MoP doesn’t launch until things are a bit less frantic here. Also if anyone can recommend any good audio books… I’d be very grateful. I’m going to be spending quite a bit of time sitting on a bus to and from work and I can’t read on public transport. Thirty seconds in and I’m nauseous, any longer and being physically sick is a real issue.

Everything in red has already been ticked off but I swear this list gets longer and longer all by itself. 


1. Reach lv 75 so I can have a Shivarra.

2. Level Jewelcrafting


1. Finish the Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms

2. Finish the Loremaster of Kalimdor

3. Level Inscriptions

4. Finish levelling Enchanting


1. Collect the last few pets she needs to hit 125. It’s possible that the individual pet achievements will be disappearing come MoP and I’d like to have the Brilliant Kaliri to go with my Arrokoa disguise.  

2. Finish up the last 10k I need for exalted with the Netherwing.

3. Find the last 12 mounts I need for the mountain of mounts achievement.

  • 6 Nether Wings
  • Green Proto Drake
  • Swift Burgundy Wolf  (Argent Tournament).
  • Epic Flying Machine
  • Get the Darkmoon Faire strider mount.

4. Read “Sunwell – The Fall of Quel’Thalas”, “The Last Guardian” and “The Lich King Triumphant”, the last three books I need for the “Well Read” achievement.

5. Complete Silverpine and the Southern Barrens quest chains from the Horde perspective again.

6. Get an Oracle egg every three days until one of them hatches a mount.

7. Exalted with the Ebon Blade

8. Exalted with the Oracles


1. Finish up all the Argent Tournament achievements.

2. Get the Darkmoon Bear mount. Done.

3. Level Cooking and Fishing to the cap.


1. Level Archaeology to the cap.

2. Level Cooking and Fishing to the cap.

3. Pick up the Nesingwary Brush Burner wand for future transmogrification fun.

4. Get the last pet that I’m missing from the Darkmoon Faire (the tonk).

5. Exalted with the Frenzyheart

6. Acquire Pebble. Only six more dailies to go 😦


This character was created with one aim in mind, reaching a high enough level to save Spot before the bombs start to fall on Theramore.

1. Save Spot! Given that the Theramore guards are guaranteed to not like a Goblin sneaking in and stealing their dog, I’m not 100 percent what level I’ll need to be. I’ll start trying around the 45 mark.

2. Grab a diseased hawk.


1. Finish up all the Fireland Dailies/quest chains

2. Get exalted with the Timbermaw

3. Get her onto the Oracle egg stage of those quests. The more eggs I get per week, the higher my mount chance has to be.


1. Hit a high enough level to tame Chromaggus.

2. Pick up a Brain Bug too. Either the one with the brain showing or this one.

3. Find and tame Zaricotl.

4. Get exalted with the Thorium Brotherhood (10 k rep to go)

5. Level Blacksmithing


1. Finish farming the Oshu’gun Crystal Powder I need (in the region of 300ish) to grab the two Halaa mounts. I already have the tokens you get from pvp, it’s just the grind I’ve been putting off.


I also want to get ready for my Monk who I’ll be levelling along side since Mr Harpy since he wants to be a fotm reroller! Although I must admit levelling my beta monk has been a lot of fun so far.

1. Double check I’ve got all the heirlooms I could possibly need for both dps and healing specs.

2. 4 big bags for my inventory plus a couple of the bank.

3. Decide on professions and get any mats to level them lined up.

4. Decide on race, Panda versus Gnome versus Nightelf.

General non-character specific stuff.

1. Think of names for all my non combat pets. So far on the Beta I’ve named the following which leaves me with quite a few to go.

  • Orange Tabby =  Boris (after an old book of Peter and the Wolf I found. In it the cat was both orange and called Boris).
  • Feline Familiar = Pyewacket
  • Wind Rider Cub = George
  • Sinister Squashling = Ichabod (for obvious reasons).
  • Darkmoon Faire Balloon = Cecy (after Ray Bradbury’s short story “the April Witch”).

That only leaves me with 140 names to come up with between now and MoP.

2. Fill the bank with as much gold as possible.

3. Run Karazhan every reset on as many characters as possible until Attuman gets stick of seeing me and hands over his horse.

4. Make sure every character has the largest bags possible.

That turned out to be a bigger list then I expected. Hopefully this will work out better than my Pre-Cataclysm to do list where I managed to tick off a grand total of three things.

8 Responses

  1. Hope things settle down for you before long! has a nice paperback sale, lots of audio books on sale. I might grab a few, think it goes on for a couple of more days. I’m picky about who I listen to though, I need to go and listen through some of them.

    • Thanks. Audible looks like it’s exactly what I was looking for. I agree, the person reading it has to be right for the story otherwise I just switch off.

  2. I too am the same way with print materials in transit – not going to happen. Made long family car trips torture because I couldn’t read, and this was way before i-pods. Now, looking over your ambitious list, I am wondering if you and I should allow ourselves a pre-emptive blessing of patience in case we don’t get it all done? Consider yourself blessed: boo-yah!

    • My childhood was marred with travel sickness. My Mother is terrified of flying but every holiday we had to travel across Europe to see relatives. It was her fear of flying versus my throwing up everywhere the second I got on a boat/car but because I was sick quietly and she was afraid noisily, I got to throw up all over Europe.

      Luckily age fixed it, but I can’t read, not even on trains 😦

      As for the length of the list, well, I’ve always believed in reaching for the stars 😀

      The MoP release date has me panicking slightly though. I suspect I’m just going to have to prioritise the stuff I really want and cross my fingers for the rest.

      • I just heard September 25..plenty of time, plenty!! And next time I get to visit Europe, I will be sure to watch for puddles of puke, albeit long gone…laughing at your pain, I apologize, but it is a funny image!

  3. I feel like such a slacker after reading this. My only real concerns are finishing Orgri’la rep and trying to make money. Oh and get a Tol Barad Searchlight.

    I can read while riding in a car or on a train but I get ice cream headaches so I wonder if that’s the trade off, lol.

    • Tol Barad searchlights are amazing, mine is part of my “camping” gear for when my team are graveyard camping. I sit back with my light, my picnic basket, my mini wickerman and an assortment of other junk and watch what’s going on.

      Mr Harpy says that’s worse than joining in but I see it as the reward I’m due for all the horrible games in which I have to hold our team’s grubby little hands to victory.

      Either way, I’m probably a horrible person.

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